Destiny: Bungie Teases Holiday Gifts & January Update

Destiny Holiday Stocking Stuffers

As we near ever closer to the holidays many developers re preparing for a month-long (or even longer) hiatus from their newly-released titles. Some, like 343 Industries, don't have the luxury of stepping away, as their games continue to struggle, but others can rest easy knowing the hard part (strong sales) is done.

Destiny, for example, has done really well in 2014 and is sure to be a hot commodity come gift-giving time. However, even though the game may see an influx of “Christmas noobs" with lots of questions, developer Bungie is preparing to step away from their game.

In their Weekly Bungie Update – the last for 2014 – Bungie kicks things off with some interesting stats from the Destiny population. They include total Crota kills, Atheon kills, and reveal that more than 12 million people have logged into Destiny.

But before the Bungie devs take their holiday vacation, they wanted to leave Destiny players with a few things to look forward to. Specifically, they tease some special “stocking stuffers” that should appear “some time after the Holidays have come and gone.” We don't know what exactly these “stocking stuffers” might be, but Bungie calls them a “small token of [their] gratitude.” Could be that they are releasing some holiday themed items similar to the Halloween-themed ones, or perhaps they are offering something even better.

Before we kick off, we should note that you should be on the lookout for some small stocking stuffers sometime after the Holidays have come and gone – a small token of our gratitude.

On top of that, Bungie leaves players with a final tease suggesting that the first update in January will be an exciting one. They say that it will “include stuff [players] have been asking for,” which is sure to send Destiny players' thoughts racing.

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Over the last few months, gamers have slowly been creating a Destiny wish list for things they'd like to see added to the game. The list included everything from Raid and Nightfall Strike matchmaking to a higher cap for Glimmer, and while Bungie did say they were listening they had yet to add those features.

Other highlights on our personal wish list include the elimination of some really troublesome bugs, like heavy ammo disappearing on death or the numerous random happenings that can occur during Vault of Glass. Even just a few changes to show that Bungie is still listening and trying to improve the base game would be enough. We get that the DLC just launched and that is a primary focus, but as Bungie mentions there are 12 million players out there who would like to see some improvements.

Keep sharing your stories. Keep posting your feedback. We hear you, and you're helping make Destiny better. Our next update will drop in January. It hopefully includes some stuff you’ve been asking us for. Expect details soon after the holidays.

This final tease in their update suggests that we might finally see some of those oft-requested features introduced but we'll have to wait until next year to find out for sure. January is no doubt going to be an exciting time for Destiny players and not just because Crota's End hard mode will go live.

What stocking stuffers do you think Bungie has left for Destiny players? What changes would you like to see introduced in the first update of 2015?


Source: Bungie

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