‘Transformers’ Developer High Moon Studios Working on ‘Destiny’?

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Even though Destiny is now almost a year old, Bungie’s sci-fi shooter continues to maintain strong attention and gamer support. Earlier this year, the developer announced there are around 16 million players averaging three hours per day in Destiny. While those numbers may have tapered off in the months after, there’s no doubt the recent expansion, House of Wolves, helped bring a surge of players back into the game.

With Destiny‘s popularity still high, and with Bungie and publisher Activision planning a couple more expansions this year, it’s no surprise that the lead developer may be looking for a little assistance. At least that seems to be the case thanks to a recent job posting from developer High Moon Studios.

The job listing showed up on Activision’s careers page that shows High Moon Studios is working with Bungie on Destiny. In the posting, High Moon Studios is requesting applicants who are “passionately familiar with Destiny franchise.”

It’s no surprise that High Moon Studios has been selected to help with Destiny‘s development, considering their role with Activision in handling the last-gen version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, as well as three Transformers gamers. The studio has experience with first-person shooters, and is likely very familiar with the way Activision and Bungie like to do things.

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It’ll be interesting to see what part High Moon Studios plays in Destiny‘s development. The job posting provides a few hints, including that the person who takes the position will work with a team to “create new innovative gameplay mechanics and scenarios” and have experience with level design. Additionally, the company is looking for someone who has experience with cooperative mission design and open world design.

These together seem to point to High Moon Studios working on another cooperative experience for Destiny players, whether in the form of new raids, or possibly a completely new cooperative experience, like Prison of Elders. It’s also possible the developer could be tasked with a new social space or new missions, though based on the job posting, it seems most likely the team is working on a cooperative entity for the game.

As Destiny continues to garner support from gamers and maintain strong player numbers, it’s hardly surprising Bungie is looking for partners to help them expand and enhance the experience gamers have within Destiny.

What are your thoughts about High Moon Studios joining Bungie to develop for Destiny? What do you think the new studio will be working on? Share your predictions in the comments.

Source: Activision