Several Destiny players discover an exploit in this week’s Nightfall Strike, which lets players access a hidden room where they can whittle down enemies from relative safety.

Now that Destiny has received its last large update for the majority of the year, fans are out en masse grinding their way up to the new maximum light level. Several high-ranking players taking part in Destiny‘s weekly Nightfall Strike discovered that this week’s challenge contains a door-based exploit which makes the boss fight much easier than it should be, and numerous gamers have jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of the fortuitous level design error.

A post on Reddit by a user named Guywithquestions88 explaining the exploit has since taken off, with plenty of gamers acknowledging the usefulness of the exploit, which lets players access a hidden room where they can dole out damage and regenerate health from a position of relative safety.

In order to access the room, players have to wait for the boss fight with Malok to begin. Any players looking around the area will discover a total of four different doors in the combat zone. None of the doors are able to be opened, and all of them except for one door cause a static visual when players are standing next to them. That static-less door is the key to the exploit, and players positioned near the door when Malok summons reinforcements may actually see the door in use as Thrall enter the room. Fast-moving players can then traverse into the door before it closes, where they will find a spacious cushy safe room.

Once in the room, gamers can access any direction of the boss room through various doors, which can be opened from the inside but never from the outside. They can also take the time to heal up (except for at the center of the room, which brings back the static visual), which makes the boss fight much easier than Bungie had evidently intended.

Interested Destiny gamers can take a look at hidden room itself in the short video below:

We can only hope when Bungie inevitably patches the accessible door out of Destiny that the company doesn’t blame gamers for utilizing a glitch to complete a mission,¬†especially in the wake of the fact that Ubisoft Massive is essentially doing just that. Fans haven’t reacted well to the news that Ubisoft said taking advantage of a wall glitch is grounds for punishment, so we can only hope Bungie avoids any potential door-based drama.

It’s worth noting that some fans have stated staying in the room too long will cause a death by misadventure screen, though others have stated they’ve hidden in the room without any in-game repercussions. In the meantime, other investigative fans have discovered a new method of farming loot that’s both fast and easy.

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Destiny is out now and is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit