Destiny 2 Nerfing Three Heroic Strike Modifiers


With the Forsaken expansion release drawing nearer, Bungie has been rolling out updates to Destiny 2 in preparation. Details about a new update which will hit the game this coming Tuesday have recently been released.

Bungie revealed on their site that some of Desitny 2's heroic strike modifiers would be getting a bit of a nerf on July 17th. The ones that are the target of this nerf are Blackout, Glass, and Grounded. The company stated that it has listened to community feedback in regards to these modifiers and came to the conclusion that these three modifiers in particular were causing too potent of debuffs to players. Bungie stated it felt the debuffs caused by these modifiers almost negate any bonuses players would get from their power level, stats, and armor mods.

Destiny 2 Heroic Strikes Playlist

Blackout, which increases enemy melee damage, has been changed for some enemies. There will still be an increase to melee damage but now players won't have to worry about being one-shotted by most enemy's melee attack. The only time that may happen is if their power level is under the recommended threshold for Heroic Strikes.

The Grounded modifier increases damage players take while they're in the air from jumping and has been modified to take into account situations where players may be airborne for reasons other than jumping, so the damage has been adjusted accordingly. Bungie is also looking to change the height from where players would die from a fall with the modifier.

The final nerf is for the Glass modifier. It normally decreases a Guardian's health and shield, while in turn buffing recovery. Bungie has stated it slightly reduced the debuff effect of this modifier. Full notes on these nerfs and other changes can be found on Bungie's post.

While these modifiers may be getting nerfed, other things in Destiny 2 will soon be getting a bit of a buff. The primary things players can expect to get a buff are Year 1 Supers. Those changes will be rolled out when the Forsaken expansion drops in September.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with the Forsaken expansion releasing on September 4th, 2018.

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