Destiny: Don't Miss the New Heroic Loot Chests in Wrath of the Machine


With the launch of Wrath of the Machine Heroic Mode, Destiny introduces a new set of chests that all players should be aware of if they want more raid loot.

By now most Destiny players have at least some idea of what to expect in the Wrath of the Machine raid on heroic. No, it’s not quite the challenge that King’s Fall was on the harder difficulty, but there are a few changes worth considering. On top of that there is one change to loot that everyone should be aware of should they want to ensure a chance at new weapons, gear, and higher light level drops.

With the launch of Wrath of the Machine Heroic Mode, Destiny’s new raid introduced a second loot chest for every major boss encounter. That means Vosik Part 2, the Siege Machine, and Aksis Part 2 all have an additional loot chest to plunder, but only with a SIVA Cache Key.

It’s important to point this out because some Destiny raiders may not realize there is a second chest in all of the excitement. Even worse, some (present company included) may use their SIVA Cache Key on the Normal Loot chest and only receive a max light level 385. Granted, if those players want any of the Normal Mode loot items, like the auto rifle, shotgun, or rocket launcher, then they will need to open the Normal Mode chest.

To make sure you open the right chest it’s pretty simple: the Heroic Loot chest will always be on the right side. Moreover, when a player tries to open the chest the prompt will say ‘Use SIVA Cache Key (Heroic Loot)’.


As far as what players can get from each Heroic Loot chest, the drops are the same as those that can come from the respective boss. In the case of Vosik, players can get the sidearm, sniper rifle, or Spliced variant boots. For the Siege Engine, the drops can be the heavy machine gun, Spliced chest piece, or Spliced gauntlets. And for Aksis Phase 2, the chest can reward the hand cannon, the pulse rifle, the Spliced helmet, or the Spliced class item.

Thus far it appears Bungie has stuck to its word when the studio said it would improve drop rates in the Wrath of the Machine raid. Specifically, the developers said that the latest economy change update would make it so loot is more frequently higher than the base light of the player, ensuring that they are constantly receiving improvements.

We’ve come a long way since the days of Vault of Glass where armor drops were a rarity and some players went 100+ clears without seeing certain weapons. There is a lot more loot to be had in raids in Year 3, players just need to know where to look and have a key ready.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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