A new glitch in Destiny allows players to generate unlimited amounts of ammo in their special and heavy weapons, including sniper rifles and rocket launchers.

There have been a number of glitches in Destiny that have given players who choose to exploit them an upper hand. Some of them, like the Infinite Shadowshot glitch could be called game-breaking because of how much they sway the power of a single player, while others have had smaller effects.

Destiny players have once again discovered another glitch, this time allowing for unlimited generation of ammo for special and heavy weapons. It doesn’t work across the board however; it requires a specific pairing of weapons and perks.

Much like the Golden Gun glitch that only appeared with a specific gear setup, this one exploits the combination of the weapon perk Cocoon and Clown Cartridge. Cocoon is a perk that exists on every King’s Fall raid weapon: “When stowed for a short time, this weapon is automatically reloaded from your reserves.”

destiny heavy ammo glitch

Clown Cartridge is a perk that can randomly roll on sniper rifles, rocket launchers, hand cannons, and shotguns. It’s effect reads: “Upon reloading it grants the player a 25% chance to load a magazine with 20% more rounds.” These rounds are extra bonus rounds; they are not pulled from the ammo reserve for that weapon.

What is happening is if a King’s Fall¬†weapon with the Cocoon perk is in one slot and the player cycles between that weapon and a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher for example that has the Clown Cartridge perk, the Cocoon perk is causing Clown Cartridge to proc.

It can take some time to fill up a magazine, as the 25% random chance of Clown Cartridge activating remains in effect. However, many fans are showing off screen shots of 20 active rounds in a sniper rifle or even 50 rounds in a rocket launcher.

What’s even worse is that this glitch not only works in PvE but also in PvP as well. That means players can generate rocket launcher ammo straight off spawn at match start without the need for heavy ammo boxes partway through the match. Many on the Destiny subreddit are calling the Crucible completely broken because of this exploit.

Cozmo, community manager at Bungie, took to Reddit to let fans know Bungie is aware of the issue:

“Thanks for bringing this up. The team is aware of this issue and currently investigating.”

It’s unclear whether Bungie just found out about the exploit when fans posted it, or if the developer has known about it. The exploit may have come¬†from the April Update, which did apply some changes to the King’s Fall raid weapons across the board.

Have you experienced this exploit when playing Destiny?

Source: Destiny Reddit