Destiny: Heavy Ammo Bug Finally Getting Fixed

Destiny Finally Fixing Heavy Ammo Bug

When Destiny first released, most saw the potential but were unsure if Bungie would ever be able to realize their full vision. Sure, the game has seen numerous patches since launch, but the changes were skewed mostly by Bungie’s ideas for how Destiny should be played not necessarily what players wanted.

However, if we were to put a finger on one Destiny fix that players would love to see, it has to be the heavy ammo glitch. The heavy ammo glitch has been a bane for Destiny players since launch, but so far Bungie has been unable to fix it.

Today, however, Bungie put the heavy ammo glitch front and center for the developer’s Weekly Update. And the hope is that by the end of February, losing heavy ammo should be a thing of the past.

For those who might not be familiar with the glitch, it essentially takes away some of a player’s heavy ammo every time they respawn, return to orbit, or enter a cutscene. So, if you had 6 rockets before dying, you might have about 5 (or less) when you respawn without any rhyme or reason.

However, this glitch only triggers with gear that gives player extra heavy ammo, which is its biggest problem. That’s because the only way to hit level 32, or level 30 before The Dark Below, was to have raid gear equipped, and all raid boots have the heavy ammo ability. In essence, if you were a high level player, you knew the heavy ammo glitch all too well.

Granted, there were some ways to get around the glitch – like switching boots every time you die – but that was hardly an ideal solution. Gamers were begging Bungie to fix it, but all the developer could say was that the issue was known and more complex than they thought.

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In today’s update, Sandbox Engineer explains just how complex the heavy ammo glitch was and why it wasn’t just a simple fix. Read his comments below:

The basic flaw here is an ordering problem. Our inventory system creates your weapons when your characters spawn. When that happens, it tries to restore the same fraction of ammo that you had when you died. The bug occurred because the weapon is created before capacity modifiers from armor perks are applied, so the persisted fraction yields fewer rounds.

Cable will also be every Destiny player’s favorite Bungie developer before too long, because he’s the guy (yes, Bungie makes it sound like only one guy is solving the problem) working on the fix. And again, that fix should go live sometime in February.

While it’s no doubt good news that the heavy ammo glitch is going away, many will wonder what took Bungie so long. Sure, the problem was complex, but it also clearly wasn’t a priority. The Dark Below launched in December, and has already seen several patches since launch, mostly to fix exploits for the Crota’s End raid.

Make of that what you will, but the fix is coming. Soon, we won’t have to worry about popping heavy ammo synthesis every time we fail.

Are you happy to hear a heavy ammo bug fix is finally on the way? What other major fixes would you like to see soon?


Source: Bungie

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