Bungie has plans to roll back some of the unintended changes made to Health Regen perks in the latest Destiny patch, while making further tweaks to others.

Destiny‘s latest patch, HotFix, shook up the game’s weapon balance along with the meta in PvP. But that patch also unintentionally changed nearly all of the Health Regen perks in the entire game, ranging from those on Supers, abilities, weapons, and armor perks. Bungie immediately admitted to the mistake after the patch released in Destiny, and said the developer would continue to monitor the situation and give an update once the next step was decided upon.

That decision has been made, although Bungie has yet to date when the following changes will hit the game. Bungie posted on its official forums saying that, while the change was unintended, it gave its designers a chance to look at how it could affect the game in a positive way:

Having an enemies ability or attack be able to completely erase any progress you’ve made and completely reset an encounter feels bad. Also, when 1 hit kill weapons are less dominant those abilities and attacks become more dominant, as they are much harder to stop. This change allows those abilities and attacks to still recover large portions of health and buy themselves more time without completely resetting the encounter and negating all cumulative damage that had come before.

This reference to “1-hit kill” weapons being less dominant is referring to the change to Special Ammo, which has dramatically decreased the amount of ammo players have, thus leading to more players using their primaries. Left with little to no Special Ammo in weapons like shotguns and sniper rifles, it can be hard to shut down a Super.


As a result, Bungie’s plan is to roll back some of the changes completely, while leaving others functioning the same, plus┬áreceiving a small buff. As a reminder, here is how Health Regen perks are currently working: upon activation of the perk, health starts regenerating immediately, but shields do not. More health is restored per kill/activation, but a flat amount is awarded and can bleed over to fill shields in there is leftover amount after filling the health bar. These perks will remain functioning this way:

  • Hungering Blade
  • Red Death
  • Lifesteal
  • Transfusion
  • Cauterize

Bungie will also be removing the cooldown from Transfusion and Cauterize. In addition, all of the above perks will get a 58% increased to the flat amount of health that gets returned.

As for the other perks, they will get a full return back to how they functioned prior to HotFix Those perks are:

  • Suros Regime
  • No Backup Plans
  • Ward of Dawn cast
  • Apotheosis Veil
  • Embrace the Void

Bungie says these changes are currently being tested, and there’s a possibility that further changes could happen, but it’s the developer’s current plan moving forward.

Bungie has also yet to mention any changes coming to the infinite Super glitch, although it can only be activated in the Combined Arms playlist, which Bungie says it will deactivate from every playlist outside of Private Matches until there is a fix.

Destiny: Rise of Iron it out now on Xbox One and PS4.