Destiny & Ghost Bullets: Are Hand Cannons Broken


Destiny PvP player TripleWRECK provides compelling evidence that hand cannon hit registry in the game is 'broken' and may need an emergency fix from Bungie.

Ghost bullets. It’s a phenomenon that has been on the minds of Destiny players for quite some time now, but very few had tangible proof of its existence. Now, Destiny PvP player TripleWRECK has provided unimpeachable proof that “ghost bullets” are real and a problem for hand cannon users in the game.

For those who might not be familiar, the phenomenon of ghost bullets revolves around hand cannon hit registry in Destiny, or more specifically a lack thereof. When in the middle of a firefight, a player using a hand cannon may notice that some of their shots don’t register, despite their reticule being in perfect placement. Obviously, the bullets don’t disappear, but the fact that they don’t land is a vexing problem.

In the video below, TripleWRECK analyzes hand cannon hit registry and his discoveries are quite shocking. Even without moving or changing distance to the target, some hand cannons simply don’t land their shots.


Considering ghost bullets have been a problem for quite some time, many were surprised to see that Bungie didn’t address hand cannon hit registry in Update 2.4's weapon balancing. In fact, the only tweaks to hand cannons were to make sure some archetypes had correct display stats.

However, after TripleWRECK’s video went live, Bungie came forward to acknowledge that they had seen the clip and would be investigating. Whether or not that means a fix is inbound is unclear, but if nothing else it appears that Destiny players will get an explanation as to what’s happening with their hand cannon bullets.


That being said, there’s no guarantee that Bungie will return with the answer that Destiny players are looking for. Bungie may just as easily report back that hand cannons are working as intended, suggesting that there are more factors in play behind the scenes than players are aware of. Hand cannon bloom is not a new thing for a Bungie game, but it has historically never gone over well with the population. Halo: Reach had a major problem with hand cannon bloom, but it wasn’t until a new developer took over that things returned to normal.

If nothing else, TripleWRECK has seemingly made players more aware of a problem that should be looked at. Hand cannons are, in a very specific way, “broken” and they could use some tweaking. As it stands now, most hand cannons are not worth using unless they have a range perk, and even then they are still being outclassed by pulse rifles and scout rifles, and maybe even some auto rifles after the new weapon balance update.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases September 20, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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