Destiny Celebrates Halloween With Masks, New Dances, & Quests

Bungie surprises Destiny: The Taken King players by launching a Halloween themed event including a new quest, free masks, and consumables along with more paid emotes.

With Halloween arriving in less than a week, Bungie surprised Destiny players by kicking off the Festival of the Lost event at the Tower. Not only has the Tower been decorated with new banners, lanterns, and purple candles, but players will find a number of new things to experience, including ambient sound effects such as screams and wolf howls randomly occurring as they walk around.

The recently added Eververse Trading Company has also been updated as well, letting players purchase additional Treasures of the Lost mystery bags in exchange for silver, a purchasable currency available to Destiny: The Taken King players. In addition, Tess has three new Halloween-themed emotes available for purchase including Boo (300 Silver), Monster Dance (500 Silver), and Zombie Dance (700 Silver), which is essentially the dance Michael Jackson made famous in his video for "Thriller."

This limited time event also has a unique quest line for players to participate in by visiting Eva Levante, which involves collecting candy from various NPCs around the Tower. Upon collecting the requisite amount, additional tasks will appear that range from killing other players in the Crucible, participating in public events, or collecting engrams all while wearing a Festival of the Lost mask. Crucible players will also find a new map added to the rotation called Cathedral of Dusk.

Even after launching the Eververse Trading Company two weeks ago, Bungie continues to push microtransactions with additional paid cosmetic items. What's interesting with this update is that the "Zombie Dance" emote costs players 700 silver, which for most would cost a minimum of $10 USD. Bungie is currently selling silver at $5 for 500, $10 for 1,100, or $20 for 2,300. While these emotes have no effect on gameplay, some may feel that ten dollars for a simple emote is a little steep. With more holidays approaching like Christmas, players should expect to see more holiday themed emotes from Tess Everis.

After the successful launch of The Taken King last month, it appears that Bungie is opting to release new content over time, rather than in large chunks of DLC like they did with The Dark Below and House of Wolves. Already, players have seen a number of hidden quests and exotic items activate randomly, most recently with No Time to Explain, an exotic pulse rifle which is available only to players who find hidden Ghosts during the Paradox Daily Heroic quest. Previously, players were sent on a wild hunt for the Sleeper Simulant exotic heavy fusion rifle, activated in a multi-step quest whereby players collect Golden Age relics and turn them to the Gunsmith.

Have any of you visited the Tower or purchased any of the new Halloween themed emotes in Destiny: The Taken King yet? Let us know what you think of Bungie's Halloween event below in the comments.

Source: Bungie

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