Check Out Destiny's Halloween-Themed Items and Vehicles

Destiny Halloween Theme Items

Holiday-themed items are nothing new for the world of MMOs or any game with a regular, ongoing experience. Titles like World of Warcraft and DOTA 2 have been known to show their holiday cheer in various ways, either through unique items, special skins, or even new content.

Destiny, the latest title to enter the "MMO" fold, has decided to get in on the holiday action with its own set of themed content. This week, players will notice a few spooky treats within Bungie's shooter, all themed around All Hallow's Eve.

Destiny players who haven't already logged in to the game will notice a new package at the Postmaster called All Hallow's Eve. In that package is an item called Jackolyte that gives players a Jack O' Lantern-looking covering over their helmet.

The Jackolyte isn't just a cosmetic item, though, but is actually a consumable for the game. When the player wears it they have the ability to scare off Hive enemies, but be warned that the Jackolyte only stays active for 30 minutes and the Postmaster only gives out three. Players can earn more Jackolytes, though, by killing Hive with the buff on.

Destiny Halloween Sparrows

While the Jackolyte is the Halloween-themed item that most Destiny players will notice, as it unlocks for everyone, there are additional items scattered throughout the game. There is a Flight of the Shadows consumable (earned by killing Hive) that gives players a unique respawn animation for 24 hours, and a set of four new Sparrows themed around the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

At the moment it's unclear how exactly to unlock the Sparrows, but players should have that figured out in due course. What's cool about these Sparrows is they have a unique Destabilizer feature (activated by pressing Square or X) that lets players do barrel rolls while in the air. Slippy the Toad would be proud.

For a throwaway holiday-themed gag, Bungie has actually put a surprising amount of intriguing content into the game. Not only that, but if these Sparrows are permanent, it could also be a useful little treat. Here's hoping that come Christmas time, the only present Bungie delivers is a new expansion.

What do you think of the Halloween-themed content for Destiny? What would you like to see to celebrate future holidays?


Source: Bungie

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