Destiny Guide: Where to Find All SIVA Clusters


This guide helps Destiny: Rise of Iron players track down all of the dormant SIVA Cluster collectibles and unlock the new Grimoire cards released in the expansion.

Destiny: Rise of Iron has arrived and sci-fi first-person shooter fans have plenty to keep busy with in the expansion. From exploring new story content to finding every Iron Medallion, there seems to be enough content to keep even the most hardcore players occupied for the foreseeable future. In addition to acquiring new weapons and taking down bosses, Destiny players also have the task of hunting down dormant SIVA Clusters.

The SIVA Clusters are a new collectible in the latest expansion that are easy to spot thanks to the fact that they all glow red. Players who collect the clusters unlock new Grimoire cards and can geek out over the lore of the battle between the Iron Lords and the Fallen.

Luckily, the Destiny community is as diligent as ever in their documentation about where collectibles can be found. The same minds behind Destiny's Dead Ghosts tracker and Destiny's Calcified Fragments tracker is developing a new resource for locating each and every SIVA Cluster. Players can get started by visiting It looks like there are 30 clusters to collect, so Guardians have their work cut out for them (although that's fewer than the 50 Calcified Fragments).


The resource is still a work in progress and the creator reported that they will continue to add new videos with SIVA Cluster locations as they find them.  For now, players are able to enter their gamertag and platform into the website and see which collectibles have already been picked up. If the past is any indicator, this resource will expand quickly and become a go-to spot for players who are attempting to collect them all. There is also a megathread on the Destiny subreddit where users are sharing information about the clusters and posting tutorial videos. The list of videos is growing quickly as players power through the new content during marathon sessions.

Now that the launch day server issues seem to have been resolved on all platforms, Destiny players can carry on the search for SIVA Clusters and all of their other missions; including the hunt for the Year 3 Gjallarhorn. We'll continue updating with new guides and tips, so check back to stay up to date.

Have you started collecting the Siva Clusters yet? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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