Destiny Guide: How to Get the Superblack Shader During Festival of the Lost

Destiny Guide: How to Get the Superblack Shader During Festival of the Lost - Destiny: Rise of Iron superblack shader

Destiny players discover how to complete the trading quest in Rise of Iron's Festival of the Lost Halloween event to unlock the Superblack shader.

Last year, Destiny celebrated Halloween in style with the special Festival of the Lost limited time event. This year, Festival of the Lost is back, and just like last year's event, it has some exclusive gear for players to unlock. At least one of these items can be unlocked without having to dive back in to the game's Crucible or PvE content, but rather through a Halloween-themed trading quest that gifts players with the sleek Superblack shader.

The first step to acquiring the Superblack shader in Destiny is obtaining the Tiny Box of Raisins by completing Eris's initial Festival of the Lost quest, and then chatting with the Speaker. After talking with the Speaker and handing over the raisins and 25 motes of light, he will give players Ascendant Raisins, which can then be delivered to Zavala in return for a Salted Sweet. Rahool will take the Salted Sweet in exchange for Winged Chew. Take the Winged Chew to Amanda for Spliced Drops.

With Amanda's Spliced Drops in tow, players can then visit Cayde-6 on the Tower. Cayde-6 will give players Unchocolate, which can then be traded to Eris for a Bag of Treats. Instead of candy, the Bag of Treats contains celery (real classy, Eris), as well as the Superblack shader. That's all that needs to be done to complete this trading quest, but it's certainly helpful to know where each item needs to be delivered.

Now that players have the Superblack shader, they can focus on collecting the other items exclusive to Festival of the Lost for a limited time. Besides the Superblack shader, fans can also collect a variety of new masks, emotes, and Ghosts dressed as ghosts, as well as participate in other Halloween-related activities.

Out of all the items players can unlock by participating in the Festival of the Lost this year, one of the most sought after will be the flaming wolf mask. Last year's Halloween event saw a similar mask - a flaming skull instead of a wolf - but this year's mask has ties to the Rise of Iron expansion itself. After all, wolves are prominently featured in Rise of Iron with the creatures used in one of the expansion's first trailers to get Destiny players excited for the story.

While the flaming wolf mask and some of the other items, like the screaming Prince Uldren mask, will be popular this year, so too will the Superblack shader. Destiny fans will want to spend their two weeks with Festival of the Lost trying to obtain as many of these limited time items as possible, and will be one step closer to that goal after they complete the Superblack shader trading quest.

Destiny is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The Festival of the Lost event runs from October 25th to November 8th.

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