Destiny Guide: How to Beat the Shadow Thief Nightfall Strike

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With the launch of Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC expansion earlier this week, Bungie paved the way for a fresh new perspective on their hugely popular shooter. They added new story missions, new gear, and even a set of unique experiences that will challenge Destiny players in fresh ways.

Of course, the House of Wolves DLC was not without its expected add-ons as well, like the new Shadow Thief Strike. As the only new strike added to the game this time around, Shadow Thief represents a new challenge for Destiny players, especially those hoping to complete the Weekly Nightfall Strike.

Since the strike itself is new, many players might not yet have formed strategies for how best to tackle the experience. That’s where we come in. As part of our ongoing Destiny House of Wolves coverage, we have put together a useful guide for how best to beat the Shadow Thief Strike.

Preparing for the Shadow Thief

Now, as a general strike, the Shadow Thief cooperative experience is fairly simple. Players advance through a few self-contained combat areas before eventually reaching the final showdown with Taniks, a Fallen Kell. There are certainly some tough enemies scattered throughout the level, including a Fallen Walker tank, but by and large most level 32+ players should have no trouble getting through the vanilla version of Shadow Thief. As a Nightfall Strike, however, the strike can get a little tough.

Destiny - Fallen Enemy

Much like the Will of Crota Strike – in which Omnigul faces off with the Guardians several times before the final showdown – the Shadow Thief features a couple early appearances by the final boss Taniks. However, unlike Omnigul, Taniks will actually take permanent damage during these early encounters and not replenish his health. So, for Nightfall Strikes it behooves players to do as much damage early on, so as to make their job easier by the end. Granted, there are certain caps on how much damage can be done – Taniks will eventually become ‘Immune’ and leave the area – but it’s still worth focusing on him while he’s present.

Slow and Steady Wins the Destiny Race

For the first few sections, we recommend hanging back in the entrances to each main area. The showdown between the Hive and Fallen provides a perfect opportunity to pick off enemies from afar and the teleporter room (underneath the Fallen Ketch) has a long slope down which players can retreat when in trouble. This teleporter room is the first place that Taniks appears so make sure to do as much damage to him as possible. Be careful, though, he does have a Scorch Cannon and can take players out quickly.

After Taniks beams up to his Ketch, follow the light bridge up to the Fallen ship and head to the next combat area. Once again, players can take sanctuary in the doorway, picking off enemies from a distance and retreating when necessary. Taniks will be in this room for a short while so focus fire on him with sniper rifles to get the most damage. Eventually, he will retreat and the team can focus on the regular enemies.

However, it’s important to be careful because several waves of charging enemies – Shanks, Dregs, and Stealth Vandals – will charge at the team during certain stages. So it might look somewhat safe to creep forward, but be prepared to run back at the first sign of trouble. If the Nightfall Strike is an Arc Burn with ‘Lightswitch’ even just one hit from a Stealth Vandal can be certain death.


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