Destiny Guide: How to Maximize Your Score in Challenge of Elders

Destiny Challenge of Elders Vex Room

Find out the unique modifiers for this week's Challenge of the Elders in Destiny and how to finish an Elders' Sigil scorecard for the week in just two runs.

This week Destiny received the April Update, which added the Challenge of the Elders mode. This new variant of the Prison of Elders is one of the best ways added in the April Update to reach Destiny's new level cap of 335.

To get the most out of Challenge of the Elders, players need to pick up an Elders' Sigil from Variks in the Reef. This is a scorecard that will track all of a player's runs for that week. Each character can pick one up, so if a player has alts, that means three Elders' Sigil cards per week. That results in three weapons and three armor pieces that can drop at up to 335 Light.

With the Elders' Sigil, players will be looking to reach a High Score of 30,000 points that has to be accomplished within one run, as well as a Cumulative Score of 90,000 points that needs to be reached across multiple runs during that same week. Meeting the High Score rewards a weapon and the Cumulative Score awards an armor piece.

Every week, Challenge of the Elders will have different score modifiers that will help players hit those score thresholds. This week, the modifier is precision kills. The good news for players is this makes it incredibly easy to complete an entire Elders' Sigil card — and if done right, it can be finished in two rounds. Here's how.

The score modifier is precision kills, so make sure every single kill (or at least close to it) is a headshot. That will add the bonus points onto each kill. Hand cannons (now with buffed reserve ammo) and scout rifles are highly recommended here.

Challenge of the Elders is three boss rounds, with multiple waves of adds. When each round starts, focus on clearing the initial wave of adds. When they are all down, start damaging the boss. Once the boss is damaged enough, a new wave of adds will spawn.

Watch the lower left hand side of the screen. When it says that reinforcements are coming, stop shooting the boss and clear the next wave (with precision kills). But be sure to put solid damage on the boss after each wave. There is an internal timer going on that players cannot see, and if the boss isn't down by the time it runs out, Variks will start deducting points from players' score. It's Bungie's way of keeping players from farming endless points within a single run.

Destiny Challenge of Elders Taken Knight

Once the boss's health bar gets low, take it down to a sliver of health and clear the last wave of adds. At that point, the timer should be very close to running out. Kill the boss to end the round. If the timer runs out and the notification appears that the score reduction has taken effect, stop everything and kill the boss as fast as possible.

The other way to generate score — and a vital step to clearing a score card in two runs this week — is by generating orbs. Defender Titans and Nightstalker Hunters are especially good for this. Select perks that maximize orb generation and use those supers. Warlocks need to be careful about clearing too many adds though because precision kills are worth more than orbs generated.

Each round grants a score multiplier, so each round will award more. Here are some general score goals for each round.

  • Round 1: 6000-7000 points
  • Round 2: 20,000 or more points
  • Round 3: 40,000-45,000+ points

When my fireteam ran Challenge of the Elders (completing our cards in two runs) the first run ended up being 44,000 points, which meant our second run had to come out to at least 46,000 points to finish (remember, 90,000 is the Cumulative Score goal).

If, for some reason, your runs come up short, this method should at least get you close. If so, just jump into another first round until the rest of the necessary score has been earned, down the boss, then return to orbit to claim your reward at Variks.

One more note about level: the official in-game recommended Light level for Challenge of the Elders is 320 Light; however I ran it at 313 with two others who were 323 and 319. I held my own, and even was at the top of the scoreboard some rounds. Don't let the 320 recommendation scare you. The mode is pretty easy in general, and players who are 310 and above will have no trouble at all completing it.

Do you have any tips or tricks to finishing Destiny's new Challenge of the Elders mode quickly or with a higher score? Let us know in the comments below!

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