Destiny Guide: How to Reach Light Level 385 Fast

With only 8 days until Wrath of the Machine Heroic Mode releases, Destiny players are in a rush to get prepared. Obviously, getting through the Normal Mode version of the raid is a great place to start, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. If players want to be well-prepared for the next endgame challenge in Destiny they will want to be at or close to light level 385 by the time the 18th rolls around.

However, hitting or passing light level 385 in Destiny is easier said than done. Getting to light level 365 is fairly easy if players simply grind strike bosses, but items that scale up to 385 are a little harder to come by. Luckily Game Rant has you covered with the best ways to reach light level 385 in time for Wrath of the Machine Heroic Mode.

Faction Packages

Any time a player ranks up one of their factions (Future War Cult, New Monarchy, Dead Orbit) they will earn a package. The same is true for Vanguard and Crucible as well.

In Year 3, players can choose if they want armor or a weapon from those packages, and those items will scale past light level 365. Since the player can choose this can be a good method for filling in gaps, but it is very RNG based.



Although Crucible can only drop weapons and class items, they will scale past the 365 light level. There are also some solid drops to be had from the Crucible, especially for those players who enjoy PvP events like Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris. Crucible is also great because it doesn’t have any limits. Players can keep getting drops as they play and those will continue to scale.

Skeleton Key Chests

Skeleton key drops may be a problem, but they are only a problem because the loot inside the skeleton key chests can be so valuable. Skeleton Key chests scale with a player’s light and can even go higher than light level 385. More importantly, skeleton key chests have a smaller, fixed loot table, meaning players can focus on specific gaps in their gear. If, for example, they notice their gauntlets are low in terms of light level, then that player can open a strike chest that has a chance to drop gauntlets, like the Echo Chamber strike.

There’s no guarantee that the chest will drop the item you want, but usually the reward is still worth it. Strike chests can also drop artifacts, which makes them even more useful.

Exotic Engrams

Any engram that turns into an exotic (blue, purple, and yellow) will scale past 365. Obviously a player can’t predict when a blue or purple engram will turn into an exotic, but they will all scale.

Like with the skeleton key chests, we’d recommend using the engrams to fill in gaps first, and saving others until you raise your light a bit. If you are at light level 365 and your primary weapon is 370 it’s best to wait until you get your other gear pieces up and closer to 370 before using a primary weapon exotic engram.

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