Resourceful Destiny: The Taken King players detail how to maximize their score for this week in the Challenge of the Elders using a specific subclass build.

It’s the second week since the much anticipated April Update launched for Destiny: The Taken King and that means all activities have been reset. In addition to new weekly activities and bounties, players have new opportunities to collect Sterling Treasures, and more importantly, new challenges to overcome in the renovated Prison of Elders area if the reef. For those having trouble with the bonus modifiers this week, a new Warlock build has been circulating which should make the challenge much easier.

The build is for the recently buffed Voidwalker subclass of Warlocks and ensures that players will be getting their grenades back faster than they can throw them out. The most crucial skills playes should have enabled are Axion Bolt, Soul Rip, The Hunger, and Embrace the Void. Weapons don’t particularly matter in this instance though for an extra boost, Destiny players may want to equip the Voidfang Vestments for the handy extra Axion Bolt seeker and a helm that provides the Ashes to Assets bonus.

Combined with The Hunger and Embrace the Void, energy drain will shave off the majority of the cooldown time when getting kills with grenades. This should allow the Warlock player to constantly fire off grenades, earning a sizable bonus for each kill as well. In addition, players can trigger the grenade cooldown by killing enemies with Nova Bomb with this build as well, which is also on a reduced cooldown thanks to the use of the melee move Soul Rip. If used properly, this build is capable of generating over 30,000 points in a less than 15 minute Challegne of the Elders session for only two players.

Players have also started building alternative builds to the one detailed above, swapping out axion bolt for scatter grenades when paired with the Nothing Manacles exotic gauntlets. While Scatter grenades force players to aim where they throw a bit more, a melee kill can reduce the grenade cooldown in the event that one misses completely. In any build however, the key aspect is triggering the energy drain effect.

Even with this new content just having released, players have begun to speculate when the next major update for Destiny will arrive. After a subtle hint from community manager DeeJ in the last weekly update, a mysterious ARG appeared linking to a user named Rezyl Azzir, which coincidentally is the name of a character in the world of Destiny. The intrigue goes much further to the point where the actual date of the next content release may have been revealed as September 20, which falls in line with previous Destiny related releases.

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Destiny: The Taken King is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit, ChadTheWedge