Destiny Guide: Find Hidden Chests in King’s Fall Raid

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Now that Destiny’s third raid is here, fireteams are furiously battling their way through hordes of enemies for their shot to take down the Taken King, Oryx. As with past raids, the first time through King’s Fall Raid is most definitely the toughest, and is easily taking fireteams over ten hours to complete, if they even get that far.

Fortunately, those who make it through are rewarded handsomely with unique raid gear and loot. And just like Destiny’s previous two raids, there are plenty of chances to snag some epic rewards, including a few from a couple of hidden chests.

One Destiny player, known as Arekkz, has taken it upon himself to show Guardians where they can find two hidden chests on the Dreadnaught. Both videos can be seen below, and provide a helpful walkthrough for Guardians searching for great loot in the raid.

As the video shows, the first chest can be found early on in the raid. And while it isn’t quite as soon as the first chest in Crota’s End raid from Destiny’s The Dark Below expansion, it’s still early enough that most fireteams should be able to get it without any problem.

Once players traverse the floating platforms, they’ll be tasked with opening a green plasma door for their fireteam to get through the door and move forward. However, before opening that plasma door, four of the members need to leap over the door onto a ledge, where they’ll come up on a hidden doorway. From here, it’s important the fireteam communicate, as they’ll need a bit of teamwork for everyone to get the chest.

The two fireteam members left behind will need to stand on the platforms on either side of the green plasma door, for the hidden door to open for the fireteam. Once inside, the team will not open the chest, but wait for the two remaining Guardians to get to the hidden door. Once there, the team can open the chest, and two members can quickly jump down to stand on the two platforms below, allowing the final two members to come through and grab the loot from the chest, before it disappears.

As the second video shows, the next chest would be quite difficult to find without a little help from someone who knows where to look.

After players defeat Golgoroth in the raid, they’ll enter a large cavern where players need to move across platforms without being knocked off into oblivion. Before players finish the area and move on, they’ll want to take a slight detour to get the chest.

In order to reach the chest and claim the loot, Guardians will need to follow the guide in the video, which shows where to jump and how to work together and with the Ghost to get to the hidden chest.

It’s possible Bungie has at least one more secret chest hidden somewhere on the Dreadnaught, and there’s no doubt Guardians are anxiously searching for any possible goodies scattered around the ship.

Have you found both of these hidden chests in the King’s Fall Raid? Have you found any other chests or goodies? Share what you’ve found in the comments below.

Destiny – The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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