Destiny: King’s Fall World First Team Member Offers Hard Mode Tips

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King Gothalion, a member of a King’s Fall world first team, goes over some helpful tips and tricks for players jumping into Destiny‘s King’s Fall hard mode debuting later this week.

Destiny: The Taken King players looking for an edge in the upcoming King’s Fall hard mode have found their first real chance to gain one. King Gothalion’s YouTube video describes a couple things Guardians can do to prepare themselves for an even more angry and difficult Oryx, and while his methods aren’t exactly ground-breaking, they serve as a helpful reminder of some best practice tips that even the world’s best raiders forget at times.

King Gothalion’s first royal decree regarding the debut of King’s Fall hard mode is a simple one: ignore normal mode if at all possible. The King’s Fall world first team member pointed towards past hard modes like Crota’s End and Vault of Glass in assuming that it is likely the two modes of King’s Fall will share a loot pool to a certain extent. Essentially, players who want the best loot will get better odds by only doing hard mode.

Gothalion also suggests that Destiny players aim for a Light Level of around 305 before attempting to run King’s Fall hard mode, and that, while conservative, that estimate should help players survive the early instances in hard mode while figuring out the nuances of the more difficult raid. Gothalion also guessed that Guardians would likely need a Light Level between 315 and 320 to realistically challenge Oryx.

Finally, Gothalion intimated that a fundamental principle of achieving a world first, or even just running a successful Destiny raid, is to know when a boss fight is a gear check. Gear checks exist to demonstrate, through a frustrating level of ineffectiveness, that players do not have the equipment required to beat a new and powerful boss. The term got its origins from MMORPG games, but remains a key philosophy in Destiny as well.

destiny taken king oryx boss fight

Hard modes in Destiny might cater mostly towards highly competitive raiders, but they still remain appealing to players who want better gear and are willing to take things at a slower pace. Bungie has intentionally focused on creating a game that lets both casual and competitive players enjoy all of its modes, and Gothalion echoed that sentiment, implying that the approach is what differentiates the player rather than the content they are playing.

Do you play Destiny‘s hard mode raids? What sort of advice do you want to get in order to achieve a world first of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

Destiny: The Taken King is currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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