Destiny Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Archon's Forge


Here's everything you need to know to make the most out of your time in Archon's Forge, a must-play activity for anyone reaching for the highest Light levels in Destiny.

Most Destiny players are getting to the point in their process of leveling up in Rise of Iron where they have achieved the first 365 Light checkpoint and are now shooting for that 385 Light cap. While we have an entire guide for the numerous ways to quickly level up that last leg of the Light journey, one of the recommended activities for high-Light players is Archon's Forge.

Archon's Forge is Destiny's new arena mode, a mix of Prison of Elders and Court of Oryx. The reason players will want to continue to play this mode is that items will drop up to 385 Light. Plus, the weekly bounties players can pick up from Shiro-4 on Felwinter Peak (which you will want to do because they give insane amounts of Vanguard and faction reputation) almost always involve playing Archon's Forge.

Destiny YouTuber Unknown Player has some tips for farming this lucrative activity:


Here is your definitive guide to getting the most out of Archon's Forge.

How to Matchmake into a random group

Bungie designed Archon's Forge to matchmake players into instances on the fly with other players in the arena. However, as many players can attest, this doesn't always happen. Well, here's how to successfully join a group in Archon's Forge (almost) every time.

The main problem why players end up in Archon's Forge alone is that they enter into the area too quickly. It's common for players to zoom inside aboard their Sparrows. While that may be efficient, it does not give the game enough time to find other players to match with.

So to fix that, enter Archon's Forge slowly. Walk through the final hallways and up the stairs leading into the area. This will almost always load you into a game with others. If that doesn't work, go through Archon's Forge through the back passageway that leads to Site 6. Go a little bit into the caves and then turn back around and walk slowly back towards Archon's Forge.

How to get an axe every round

While it is common to see the flaming axes spawn on a regular basis in Archon's Forge, they actually aren't guaranteed to appear nor are they random. They have to be triggered to appear. To activate the axes, keep an eye on the domes on either side of the room where the axes show up. At some point during the fight, one of the domes will open and a SIVA pod will be inside of it. Shoot it and it will cause three axes to spawn in the dome on the opposite side of the room.

rise of iron archons forge axe

Using the axe properly

The axe is most powerful when it is flaming. If the flames on the axe go out, it does less damage. While there are no recharging fire pits like Rise of Iron's final story mission, the axe can be charged by repeatedly hitting enemies.

When the axe is ablaze, its attacks will incinerate the enemies it hits instead of just slam them, meaning they will disappear in a flame effect. This is especially useful to know when facing off against exploding Shanks because hitting a Shank with a flaming axe will nullify its exploding death effect and save the axe wielder and any nearby allies from the blast.

How to get SIVA Offerings

SIVA Offerings can drop from playing in Archon's Forge, but the drop rate is fairly low and inconsistent. The surest way to secure an Offering is by playing a Quarantine patrol mission in the Plaguelands. The final Splicer Priest that comes out of the dropship is guaranteed to drop a SIVA Offering.

Don't Forget Ghost Shells

Remember that Ghost shells offer different bonuses for gaining extra Glimmer when killing certain enemy races and a bonus to planetary materials. If it's in your inventory, equip a shell that has the Fallen Glimmer and Spinmetal bonuses on it.

Do you have any tips of your own for Archon's Forge? If so, let us know in the comments!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Unknown Player

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