Destiny Guide: How to Get the Black Spindle Exotic Sniper

Destiny Black Spindle Guide

When Bungie first started talking about Destiny: The Taken King in earnest they promised players a ton of surprises. Whether it is within story missions or simply while poking around in The Tower, Bungie implied that even though players might think they had seen all the new expansion has to offer, they likely haven’t. Never has that been more true than today.

For those who may not have noticed, many of Destiny: The Taken King’s missions actually have two versions, or rather one regular version and then an extended version, which is unlocked by turning on the Heroic modifier. In most cases, this modifier unlocks an extra section in the mission, and usually another boss fight. However, in the case of today’s Daily Story Mission, the added content actually unlocks a heretofore-unknown exotic sniper rifle called the Black Spindle.

While few knew about the Black Spindle ahead of time, the sniper rifle is essentially an exotic version of the Black Hammer, one of the Dark Below raid weapons. Like the Black Hammer, the Black Spindle will replenish its magazine if the player lands three consecutive precision shots.

In order to unlock the Black Spindle, players will need to load up the Daily Heroic Story Mission 'Lost to Light', which involves trying to pull a piece of Crota’s soul from a broken crystal. The mission uses a lot of the same areas from The Wakening mission in The Dark Below DLC, so it should be familiar to most. However, this time around players are going to take a slight detour.


For a short time, though, players will run through the mission as normal. They will make it to the crystal, the ogre will appear, and Oryx will “take” it. After that the team will run back through a series of rooms, using relics to unlock them as they go. But once the team reaches the final room that requires three relics they will head to the left and towards the teleporter onto Taniks’ Fallen ketch. If everything has been done correctly – i.e. if the entire fireteam has not wiped – the teleporter should be active and players should be able to board the Fallen ketch.

From here, players will have 10 minutes to clear the entire ketch of Taken, including a final boss named Dreviks the Chosen. There are three rooms to clear total and each can prove difficult if the team is not prepared. We’d recommend using as many weapons will the Will of Light modifier, which does extra damage to Taken enemies.

It’s important to note that players must kill all of the Taken in every room, including the boss room, or the Black Spindle will not drop. And if the team doesn’t take them all out in time they will be sent back to orbit and forced to try again.

If the team does eliminate all the Taken and Dreviks, however, then they will be rewarded a shiny new exotic sniper rifle and a new ship, seen below:

Destiny Vienna Singer Ship

It’s important to note that although Destiny players are only noticing this secret area and unlock today, it may not be tied to the Daily Story Mission. We won’t know until tomorrow, but it’s possible that the Black Spindle may be a regular unlock for doing the mission on Heroic. We’ll keep you posted.

Did you beat the mission in time and unlock the Black Spindle? What do you think of the new exotic sniper rifle?

Source: Arrekz Gaming

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