GR Pick: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Star Lord Intro Recreated in 'Destiny'

Guardians Dancing Destiny


Given the film is fast approaching $300M domestic it's safe say most people have seen Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest blockbuster success from Marvel Studios, by now. And even if they haven't, people have likely seen some form of Guardians of the Galaxy promotion in one form or another: either through a mobile tie-in or an Ice Bucket Challenge or some other form of offbeat marketing.

Today, what we have for you isn't an official tie-in, nor is it an overt piece of Guardians of the Galaxy promotion. Rather, this is just a good old fashioned fan mash-up that blends Marvel's hugely popular film with the world of Destiny. More specifically, one clever gamer has recreated one of the opening scenes from the film using Bungie's new game.

As some may know, the player characters in Destiny are called Guardians, which makes the GOTG connection all the more potent. However, rather than go for something serious, this video tries to duplicate Star Lord's dancing scene from Guardians of the Galaxy using one of Destiny's Guardians.

If nothing else, the video is good for a few laughs, as the player dances their way through one of Destiny's various landscapes. It's not a perfect recreation, mind you, but is clever nonetheless.

Guardians Dancing Destiny

Although Bungie has spent quite a bit of time claiming that Destiny is not an MMO, the dancing is still a very MMO feature. For me, the dancing not only brings a smile to my face, but also works as a perfect icebreaker for making new friends in the game. Which is important, since the 6-player raids don't support any matchmaking.

And clearly there are other uses for the dancing beyond just a pleasant hello between online players. Destiny's only been out a few days, but we can't wait to see what other creative mashups players can come up with?

What other mashups would you like to see made using Destiny? How much dancing have you done in Bungie's new game?

Destiny is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: YouTube

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