[UPDATE: With King’s Fall being brought up to light level 390, we are reposting our Challenge Mode guides for any Destiny players that may need assistance. To complete the Golgoroth Challenge, every alive player needs to hold the boss’ gaze during a “cycle.” That means all six (or less) players must hit Golgoroth in the back, hold the Gaze, and then have another player take the Gaze before the timer runs out. Most teams have found that the best route is to have one designated gaze grabber, focusing damage for that time, and then shifting the gaze until the “cycle” is over.]

After a surprise release for the Warpriest Challenge in Destiny’s King’s Fall raid, week 2 has moved onto Golgoroth. As expected, the Golgoroth challenge is live with the Tuesday reset, and fireteams are trying to figure out how to unlock the 320 loot, unique emblem, Calcified Fragment, and whatever additional rewards the objective might offer.

Given what Bungie said in their Weekly Update on Thursday, it seems unlikely that the most common Golgoroth strategy – also known as the “single orb strat” – will be the key to completing the challenge. Some believe that the challenge might involve defeating Golgoroth in a certain number of orbs, while others think rotating gaze holders is the key. After all, the Warpriest Challenge was as simple as rotating aura holders during each DPS phase.

So far, Destiny players are trying any and everything, but as of this writing no group has been lucky enough to crack the code. Simply using the 6-orb strategy (with the same gaze holders) is apparently not the answer; at least that’s what some fireteams are reporting in. And based on the amount of damage possible, it seems unlikely that defeating Golgoroth in a single, 6-orb rotation is the answer either. It actually seems impossible to take him down that quickly.

Still, Destiny players will be hard at it all night, if only because they want new 320 rewards. Like with the Warpriest Challenge, the assumption is that defeating Golgoroth will offer 320 light level drops from within Golgoroth’s loot table. That means players can earn gauntlets, chest pieces, or boots that are rated 320.


There’s also the possibility that Golgoroth will offer an additional 320 item, similar to the 320 artifacts that Warpriest gave out. Could it be a unique Sparrow? Could it be a 320 Ghost or Class Item? All seem like reasonable guesses, and all would be welcome rewards.

For now, the Destiny mystery box is open once again and players are trying to decipher the code. Luckily, we know that there’s an answer, unlike the King’s Fall basketball court, but no one knows (yet) how complex or simple it might be.

Keep checking back here, though, and we will update the post as soon as a fireteam completes the challenge, and hopefully we’ll have a clear idea as to how to complete it.

What do you think the Golgoroth challenge will be? What rewards do you hope it offers?

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.