Watch Destiny's Golgoroth Raid Boss Beat in 60 Seconds

Destiny Golgoroth Challenge

As Destiny closes in on the end of its third year, players continue to find new and interesting ways to complete the game’s toughest challenges. Most recently, a group of Destiny players set a new time to beat for taking down Golgoroth, dispatching the King’s Fall raid boss in just 60 seconds.

The feat is impressive and worth a watch. As the video below shows, the team worked together impressively to quickly kill the various enemies entering the room, before systematically dropping Golgoroth.

In the description, the gamer who uploaded the video, DeMo x MeTaL z, provides a few details about the setup the team used in order to take Golgoroth down so quickly. The team of six consisted of two Nightstalker Hunters using Tether, two Gunslinger Hunters using Golden Gun, a Sunsinger Warlock with the Viking Funeral perk, and a Defender Titan using the Weapons of Light buff on their bubble. The team also used five Black Spindle sniper rifles to do massive damage to Golgoroth.

Gamers can see how the team used each of the characters’ special abilities to work together. In addition to the video above, the YouTuber provides three links to videos from other members of the team, giving Guardians multiple points of view of the accomplishment.

It’s impressive to see players still finding new and creative ways to play through Destiny, and new glitches and bugs that have been unknown for the better part of three years. It seems a fitting closing for a game that’s seen numerous ups and downs throughout its tenure as one of the most-played current-gen console games to date.

Destiny Beat Golgoroth Challenge Easy

While some gamers continue to explore and experience the world of Destiny, others are looking forward anxiously to Destiny 2, which is set to release in September. There’s still little known about the upcoming sequel, but fortunately players will get a good look at the game during the live gameplay reveal next week.

When Destiny 2 releases, it’ll be interesting to see what feats players are able to accomplish, especially now that the game is coming to PC. While there are certainly many skilled players on console, having a mouse and keyboard generally makes it easier to be more precise with various gaming activities, especially shooting. And considering how fond Destiny players are of setting new speed records for activities in Destiny and discovering new ways to play the game, there will undoubtedly be many unique play throughs on PC this fall.

Destiny is currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Not all activities are available on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: YouTube

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