'Destiny' Players Discover New Loot-Farming Glitch

Destiny Loot Cave Removed


Destiny crosses into many different genres: it’s a first person shooter, a role playing game and in some ways a massive multiplayer online game. But since its launch, Destiny has also become a loot simulator. Players have discovered dozens of glitches and “loot caves” that have allowed them to quickly gather rare, legendary and exotic gear to aid them in missions, strikes and raids.

So it’s really no surprise when players discover yet another glitch or cave that offers players an opportunity to kill hordes of enemies and pick up a ridiculous amount of loot. However, even though it isn't surprising, it’s still exciting, especially since it usually doesn't take long for Bungie to put an end to the loot farming.

Well, as expected, players have discovered yet another glitch in the open-world game that allows them to enter a secret area and grind for loot. As can be seen in the above video from Dualshockers, the glitch allows players to take on an infinite stream of Thralls, an easy-to-kill Hive enemy in Destiny - providing a massive pile of loot ready for the taking.

Destiny Loot Cave Removed

To take advantage of the glitch, players will need to jump into The Dark Within mission. Once in the mission, players will need to spawn their sparrow and keep it until they reach the secret area - it is required to glitch through the wall. Follow the path through the Skywatch and into the building on the far side. Once inside, don’t open the large door, but instead head to the far wall and follow the directions to get through and make your way to the spot.

The glitch seems fairly easy to access, which means it will be fairly easy for Bungie to fix, so be sure to jump in and give it a go soon if you’re looking to grab some extra loot. We recommend heading in with plenty of ammo and ammo synthesis so you can stay and farm as long as you like. As the video shows, the Thralls are only level 3, so players can very easily dispose of them and take their loot. But that also means the loot won’t always be the best. However, even if it's not worth it for the loot, this glitch is perfect for completing Destiny bounties fast.

We’ll be interested to see how long this glitch stays active and what kind of loot players are able to gather from the low-level Thralls. What do you think about this new loot farming opportunity? Are you planning to hop in and take advantage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: YouTube

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