Destiny Glitch Lets Players Farm Treasure Chests Forever

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There are plenty of reasons why Destiny players are excited about The Taken King. There’s a much-improved set of story missions, a host of other new content and some smart changes to the underlying systems that control character progression — but the new expansion also offers up the possibility of some new exploits.

Veteran players will have fond memories of the notorious loot cave from the early days of the game. Back then, Guardians could endlessly reap the rewards of Hive slaughter by staying at a safe distance and mowing down enemies as they trapped themselves in a choke point while exiting a cave. This was later parodied by a number of other titles.

At present, nothing quite as impactful as the loot cave has been discovered within The Taken King — but there is a method of making the most of loot chests by employing a little bit of haste as you open them. In fact, it’s very similar to a trick that players could pull off in the House of Wolves expansion.

The key is to open a treasure chest, then exit the area before it despawns — you’ll see the area that you’re in switch over on the bottom left portion of your HUD. Head back to the chest, and you’ll be able to open it once again, and reclaim another round of treasure from it.

It seems that this exploit is currently limited to the Dreadnaught, a new location added into the game via The Taken King. It’s the flagship of the expansions big bad, Oryx, and the best place to visit if you’re looking to farm for Hadium Flakes while on Dreadnaught patrol. [NOTE: Dreadnaught Patrol unlocks after completing the ‘Dread Patrol’ quest.] However, this method will also net you some other rewards like Motes of Light and Glimmer.

Hadium Flakes look set to be one of the more desirable materials in The Taken King, as they’re required to construct a particularly special type of weapon once the main set of story missions has been completed. Whether you’re at that point now or not, it’s perhaps worth collecting the Flakes now before this exploit is patched out.

Over the first year of Destiny, Bungie has grown quite accustomed to the trials of creating and operating an online experience such as this. With that in mind, expect to see this strategy fixed by an update sooner rather than later — the same fate that the loot cave was met with shortly after it became an Internet sensation.

So, if you’ve progressed far enough in The Taken King to gain access to the Dreadnaught, get farming those Hadium Flakes. It will be much harder and plenty more time-consuming to do so once Bungie catches wind of the issue and begins to ready a patch.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon