‘Destiny’ Glitch Takes Players to Secret House of Wolves DLC Area

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Players can say what they will about the lack of a new raid in Destiny, but for a lot of fans the excitement for House of Wolves is undeterred. It may not be all of the content they were hoping for, but Destiny players are still nonetheless getting new experiences, and that’s reason to take notice.

Thus far, however, we know very little about the House of Wolves DLC outside of a few general breakdowns. For example, the House of Wolves prologue trailer tells us that the Destiny DLC will focus on the Awoken Queen’s quest for revenge against the Fallen. And a few teases from Bungie have revealed that the DLC will include a new 3-player cooperative mode called the Prison of Elders.

Alongside the collection of unique content, House of Wolves will also introduce a few new missions and at least one new Strike for players. And yet again, we’re mostly in the dark as far as what those pieces might entail.

However, some players have discovered that the latest Destiny patch 1.1.2 added a few new areas to Earth. They aren’t easy to access, mind you, but as the above video shows, the new Earth mission areas are in the game and they even have a few enemies.

At this point it’s hard to tell what’s placeholder and what’s real, but the new House of Wolves mission area falls in line with the other playable Earth levels. It features a rusted metal aesthetic with some decrepit electronics for added flair. In fact, some would say the area isn’t that much different from the base Earth areas in the game.

Destiny Glitch Secret House of Wolves Area

Similarly, players who are hoping to find new enemies on Earth will come away disappointed. All that can be seen at this point are a few Fallen Dregs and one Ultra Fallen Captain that looks a lot like Draksis, the House of Winter Kell. He’s a bit taller, but he’s not necessarily stronger. Again, the true balancing has likely not been done in this area, so we wouldn’t take the level 26 enemies or the Ultra Captain’s name as official.

While plenty are still reeling from the news about the lack of a new raid for Destiny, there are still reasons to look forward to House of Wolves. This secret mission area is presumably just a small part of that, and will be bolstered by extra content like the Trials of Osiris and Prison of Elders.

What intrigues you about this secret House of Wolves DLC area? What are you hoping for from the new Destiny content?

Destiny – House of Wolves releases May 19, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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