Bungie Considering Expanding 'Destiny' Inventory Space & Glimmer Cap

Destiny Expanding Inventory

Even though Destiny has been available for three months now, it’s still garnering massive attention among gamers. In fact, players are constantly sending feedback and requests to the team at Bungie in an effort to make the game even better.

With a ten-year plan in place, Bungie has to keep the game fresh if they want players to keep booting up Destiny over other big titles. To do that, Bungie community manager, David “DeeJ” Dague, and his team are combing through the comments, questions and requests of gamers to determine what additions and updates players want most from the game.

In an interview with IGN, Dague discussed a couple of these requests and what Bungie is doing to make these options available. One of the biggest requests has been to increase the vault space available for Guardians to save their gear.

"I want so badly for us to add more space to the Vault, because it is a constant, constant piece of feedback…People want to be collectors, and, if we need to expand the Vault in order to let people hold on to their things, then it's something that we're talking about."

Having more vault space means players can continue putting in massive amounts of time grinding for materials, weapons and armor. When a player’s character reaches the current level cap of 30, they will be much more willing to grind out another level 30 character if they already have much of the gear they’ll need for that character’s higher level.

The added space will also mean players can have a high-level weapon for any situation in the game. Based on the needs of a strike, mission, or raid, players will need weapons with arc, solar or void damage available in each weapon category. That’s already nine weapons, which is almost half the allowed inventory of 20. Add to that the guns players pick up and purchase along the way, and that number grows quickly past the current inventory cap. And with no way to sell, trade, or share weapons, players will have to start carrying all their guns with them, or dismantle them for a few measly weapons parts and upgrade materials.

Destiny Exotic Upgrade System DLC

Dague also discussed players’ request at increasing the Glimmer – Destiny’s in-game currency – cap from its current level.

"I can tell you that these are things that we're discussing. We're very sensitive to what people want, and we'd like to work as quickly as we can to integrate that stuff into the mix."

While the current cap of 25,000 Glimmer may seem like a lot, one trip to the gunsmith, vanguard or vanguard quartermaster to purchase materials for a mission or raid can quickly deplete an account. This is especially important when considering that all characters a player has share the same Glimmer pool. With the cost of items and upgrades going up, it makes sense that the Glimmer account grows as well.

While Dague didn’t provide any details on when these updates could be coming, we are confident Bungie will be hard at work getting them added. In the meantime, players will definitely be busy with the upcoming expansion, The Dark Below. Of course, a new expansion means more weapons and materials to gather, which take up space in the vault and cost a lot of Glimmer to upgrade.

Bungie, please hurry with those updates!

Destiny is currently available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


Source: Den of Geek

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