Bungie reveals the Gjallarwing, a Sparrow inspired by the design of the exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn, which will be available in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

In the first of a lineup of live stream reveals for Destiny: Rise of Iron, developer Bungie has revealed the Gjallarwing Sparrow. For those unaware, it is an in-game player vehicle that before this announcement was thought to only be a rumor.

When Bungie revealed its fall expansion, Destiny: Rise of Iron, it was leaked that the infamous exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn would be making a comeback in Rise of Iron. Bungie looks to continue the theme with this new Sparrow, inspired with the same golden wings as the rocket launcher. The developer even put together this trailer to show it off:

Back in June, a retailer listed the Gjallarwing Sparrow as a pre-order bonus for Rise of Iron. It was spotted and posted on Reddit, where the Destiny community debated over the validity of the rumored Sparrow. Bungie stayed mum on the subject back then and fans in general wrote it off as a total fake.

Looks like Bungie ended up getting the drop on fans this time. After a string of leaks leading up to the announcement of Rise of Iron, most players were completely surprised that the Gjallarwing proved to be a legitimate in-game item.

But how do players get the Gjallarwing? Much like the process for getting the Gjallarhorn or Iron Gjallarhorn, players can get the standard white and gold version of the Gjallarwing Sparrow by purchasing it via Silver (read: microtransactions) from Eververse. However, anyone who pre-orders Rise of Iron will receive the Iron Gjallarhorn, a black and silver version of the Sparrow that matches the color palette of the Iron Gjallarhorn pre-order bonus.

destiny gjallarwing preorder

Speaking of pre-ordering, Rise of Iron is available for pre-order on PS4 right now, but pre-orders are not yet available on Xbox One. During the stream, Bungie’s community manager David Dague (a.k.a. DeeJ) said pre-orders would be available for Xbox One “soon.”

Some of Bungie’s developers showed off the Gjallarwing on the stream in the new remastered version of the Cosmodrome. The Sparrow will still allow players to do tricks like some other Sparrows currently in the game.

Many fans are sure to be looking forward to take the Gjallarwing for a spin once Rise of Iron comes out, especially if Sparrow Racing League ever makes a comeback. The next Rise of Iron stream will take place in August during Gamescom, when Bungie will show off the new maps, mode, and features coming to Destiny‘s Crucible.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie on Twitch