One lucky Destiny fan gets a unique Christmas present from his wife: a working replica of the iconic Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher that comes complete with sound effects.

For the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron developer Bungie gifted players something special: a shiny new year 3 Gjallarhorn. While many players had spent hundreds of hours trying to get one, Bungie in year 3 decided that it was time to let every player feel the power of Destiny’s iconic rocket launcher.

However, getting one’s virtual hands on a Gjallarhorn isn’t the same as holding a real, working Gjallarhorn, and so one Destiny fan’s wife decided to up the ante. While everyone might have a Gjallarhorn in-game (read how to get the Iron Gjallarhorn in Destiny), this lucky fan now has a real life Gjallarhorn that actually works.

Footage of the Gjallarhorn replica comes courtesy of Josh Gregory, whose wife actually made the rocket launcher. Clearly she understands the fandom her husband shares for Destiny and wanted to celebrate it by giving him a unique gift.

Admittedly, Destiny fans have seen things like the working Gjallarhorn before – Bungie even uses a replica as a T-shirt cannon during press events – but this is still one of the cooler versions, especially since it is handmade. The fact that it replicates the Gjallarhorn sound is also a nice touch, and sure to make this fan the talk of all his friends. The Gjallarhorn replica also makes for a fun toy to play around the house, shooting Nerf darts at anything that gets in the way.

Although many new exotic weapons have been introduced in Destiny since Year 1, few hold a candle to Gjallarhorn in terms of popularity. It may have taken some players a few weeks to catch on, but eventually Gjallarhorn became a must have for any situation, from raids to strikes to solo runs. Gjallarhorn became so essential, in fact, that it led to elitism and discrimination against those who didn’t have it.

It’s no surprise then that when fans want a replica from Destiny, many choose the Gjallarhorn. We’ve seen replicas of other exotics, like The Last Word and Thorn hand cannons, and even full replicas of Destiny armor, but Gjallarhorn typically stands out above the rest. Which makes it surprising that Bungie hasn’t decided to release its own replica of Gjallarhorn and sell it for fans. Perhaps the studio has yet to find the right price point, or maybe there are concerns about manufacturing quality. Whatever the case, we’re sure that there are plenty of Destiny fans out there that wish their wife would make them a Gjallarhorn replica.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.