MacFarlane Toys unveils a life-sized replica of the Iron Gjallarhorn from Destiny, perfect for cosplayers and collectors, which will come out later this year.

Bungie and MacFarlane Toys recently announced an official partnership in bringing some Destiny action figures to market. At the New York Toy Fair, MacFarlane Toys showed off the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock figures that had been previously announced, but also surprised attendees with another Destiny item: a full-size Iron Gjallarhorn.

According to IGN, the actual Gjallarhorn on display at the New York Toy Fair is a $10,000 prototype, but don’t worry, the version that will be available to fans won’t be nearly that expensive. It will retail for a non-bank-breaking $149.99, and is expected to release fall 2017.

The 44-inch long Iron Gjallarhorn “Role Play Item,” as it’s being officially called by McFarlane Toys, is clearly being marketed to cosplayers and collectors, and it comes complete with an orange tipped barrel so it can safely be carried around a convention show floor. MacFarlane isn’t saying yet what the retail version will be made out of, which will also affect how much it weighs.

iron gjallarhorn macfarlane toys replica

The Iron Gjallarhorn is also equipped with a speaker in the rear stock that plays four sounds: the signature targeting beeps, the firing sounds, impact explosions, and finally, the sound of the weapon’s signature Wolfpack Rounds. The Iron Gjallarhorn was announced (actually leaked ahead of the official announcement) alongside the first trailer for the Rise of Iron expansion as a pre-order bonus.

Rise of Iron brought back the Year 1 exotic after it was locked at Year 1 levels and disappeared from use during Year 2. After players went on the Gjallarhorn quest in Rise of Iron, the Iron Gjallarhorn was unlocked.

Speaking of Rise of Iron, this life-sized Iron Gjallarhorn wasn’t the only new reveal from Macfarlane Toys. The company¬†also unveiled a ten-inch tall Lord Saladin figure, complete with his cape and axe from Rise of Iron, as well as the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow, which like the Iron Gjallarhorn was a pre-order promo item from Rise of Iron.

These aren’t the only Destiny figures, but they surely are the most accessible. 3A also has a line of highly detailed, collectible figures of the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock; however, those retail for $190 compared to MacFarlane Toys’ Titan, Hunter, and Warlock that¬†will retail for just $20 in comparison. Funko Pop also just recently announced that it will be soon bringing its signature designs to the world of Destiny with figures in the near future as well.

While fans anticipate a promised full sequel to Destiny this fall, there appears no shortage of official merchandise to pick up to help ease the wait.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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