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Unbeknownst to many Destiny players, the December Update added four new Dead Ghosts to find, which unlock Grimoire cards and corresponding Grimoire score.

Sometimes Bungie slips new content into Destiny during an update that doesn't make it to the correlating patch notes. It wasn't long after the December Update earlier this month that a few players noticed some new Grimoire card entries on, which were not mentioned by Bungie. All four were labeled as Dead Ghost fragments, which are Grimoire cards unlocked by finding hidden Dead Ghosts somewhere in the game. So the search began for Destiny's new hidden Ghosts.

The search wasn't widely known to a lot of the community, but the search finally concluded today with the discovery of the fourth and last Dead Ghost. The contents of all four new Grimoire cards were datamined weeks ago, but their locations remained hidden. Three of the Dead Ghosts were found rather quickly, but the fourth remained elusive. Here is a guide to the first three Dead Ghosts by YouTuber DestinyOverwatch:


All four Ghosts can be found on the Moon: one on Patrol in the Hall of Wisdom and the three others inside of the Summoning Pits Strike. The last Ghost to be found is actually in Phogoth's final room, the same room as another one of the new Ghosts but it went undetected by players until today. Here's how to find the fourth and final Dead Ghost:


Although most players are going into the Summoning Pits Strike to get this and the other two Ghosts, one redditor revealed that it's possible to glitch into Phogoth's room from Patrol relatively easily, even as a solo player. Here's how:


The same redditor, esoterickk, gave some tips on how to perform the glitch. Hunters should be able to reach it fairly easily, especially by using the exotic Bones of Eao (which grants an extra jump). Titans should have an easy time reaching it as well. For players running a Hunter or Titan, the key is to make sure that their agility stat is as high as possible. Warlocks may have a bit of a harder time and should take an alternate path.

Destiny Traveler Above Earth's Last City

For those who don't want to bother with finding the Dead Ghosts to read the Grimoire, they can be found in the Destiny databases online.

Collecting these Grimoire cards will award a total of 40 Grimoire Score.

Have you already collected these new Dead Ghosts added to Destiny added in the December Update?

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