Activision Reveals ‘Destiny’ Sequel Already in Development

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There’s little denying that Destiny has thus far been a success. Hyped up as the first post-Halo title from Bungie and an ambitious multiplayer FPS in its own rite, Destiny was poised for big things even before its release. With $500 million day one sales, it was clear plenty of consumers were going to help Bungie accomplish them.

On the consumer side of things, however, things were a little less peachy. While most found the game to be adequate, Destiny was also heavily criticized for an underwhelming story mode and has been dampened slightly by loot cave loopholes, server hacks and problems with multiplayer events. That doesn’t seem to have stopped the game from building upon those impressive sales though, with Destiny‘s ‘system selling’ status leading the PS4 to shift more units since in September than the console did at launch, in part thanks to exclusive PlayStation content.

Publisher Activision is understandably pleased as punch about the game’s success and as revealed in their latest investor call, a Destiny sequel is already in the works.

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That reveal was made as part of Activision’s latest financial announcements. Eric Hirshberg, Activision’s Publishing CEO, explained that “Work has also begun on future expansion packs as well as on our next full game release. We’re very pleased with the launch and continuing engagement.”

While the talk of expansion packs will be of little surprise – given that Destiny‘s first expansion pack The Dark Below has just been dated and The House of Wolves DLC is also on the way early next year – the fact that a Destiny sequel is already in the pipeline will be a huge shock. Especially since Activision and Bungie previously announced plans to support Destiny for the next 10 years.

So what of those post-launch support plans? Does this mean that those multiplayer events and DLC packs will be thinned out, as work continues on a sequel? This is a worrying possibility for many fans and it may leave some concerned that the investment that they made in buying the game isn’t going to have quite as many returns as they had expected.

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And a lot of fans there are, with Activision also revealing that 9.5 million people have registered to play Destiny so far. The publisher states that it’s the largest new franchise launch in history and is one of the top ten video game launches in the United States which is exactly the sort of sounds they’d want to hear as Destiny was considered by some as a massive risk.

Finance wise, that’s a risk that has indubitably paid off. In Q3 2014 (July to September) Activision made $753 million in comparison to Q3 2013 where they raked in $691 million. A $62 million profits increase is nothing to sniff at and with a large chunk of that figure being attributed to Destiny‘s release it makes sense that Activision is looking to capitalize on a sequel – even if gamers are doubtful and wary about what that means for first game in the series.

Source: CNet