Destiny's 'Loot Stairs' Are The New Loot Cave

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For gamers who are tired of farming Destiny's monotonous 'loot caves,' Youtube user MinistryofGeeks has discovered an exciting innovation. Farming loot caves? That's so September 2014. But farming loot stairs... now that's the kind of cutting edge advancement gamers were hoping for when they plopped down $400 for a next-gen console.

All jokes aside, it does seem like it's going to be next to impossible for Bungie to completely kill off the continued interest in loot spawn points in Destiny's open world. This latest location doesn't seem to be quite as efficient as the game's previous loot caves, but the following video is quickly making its way around the Interwebs. And if it's anything like the previous loot-filled spawn points uncovered, players looking to grind will want to act sooner than later.

The latest place to grind up some infinite loot is, no surprise, on planet Earth's Cosmodrome. Head towards the main building seen ahead from the level's spawn point, but don't head inside immediately. In order for this trick to work, gamers will have to do some clean-up duty outside, killing all of the mobs off to the right.

Once those guys are goners, head inside and take out the enemies. There are two different sets of stairs inside the building and to get the mobs to constantly respawn, gamers will want to head just a few steps down the second set, as seen in the video. This will cause an endless supply of enemies to respawn by the first set of stairs... for about 7 to 10 minutes.

Destiny Loot Cave Removed

As seen at the end of the video, this trick isn't quite as efficient as some previous loot caves because eventually the mobs in the outdoor zone will respawn and players will need to go out and mow them down again in order to reactivate the stairs trick. With that said, it still might be worthwhile to check out this new area simply because it works with the latest patch that fixed the color coding with Legendary Engrams. Any legendaries found here will indeed turn into legendary loot when given to the Cryptarch.

But it's also important to note that some gamers feel that playing the game "properly" might be more effective, now that Bungie has upped the rewards for completing Strikes.  Regardless, the "loot stairs" do provide another spot for players who simply enjoy the grind.

It will be interesting to see if Bungie continues to patch out areas like these as they are discovered. It has got to be feeling a little bit like Whack-A-Mole at this point for the beloved developer. Many gamers would probably just prefer if the team spent more time making the rest of the game more appealing... or by releasing that DLC content that's already on the disc.

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