Destiny PvP Hot Fix Will Delay Trials of Osiris

By | 1 year ago 

[Update: Bungie has decided to cancel Trials of Osiris for this weekend so as to not start the event late]

DeeJ’s post, which can be found on, was intentionally vague in describing why a hot fix was incoming, but Guardians who have been participating in Destiny‘s Iron Banner event are well aware of the problem. A game-breaking bug in Destiny‘s PvP system allows the Hunter Nightstalker subclass to infinitely spam their Shadowshot super ability, which completely warps the texture of competitive PvP in-game. DeeJ discussed the philosophy behind delaying Trials of Osiris until the bug is fixed:

“It turns out there’s a particularly nasty bug that would undoubtedly conspire to create a less competitive return to form for Trials of Osiris…we’re going to disable that bug before we invite you to take your next run at 9-0.”

Evidently Bungie is placing a high priority in preserving the reputation of Destiny‘s PvP system, which some players already believe has been largely ignored in The Taken King in favor of PvE content. The announcement came as part of the most recent Destiny weekly update, which also included some good news: Bungie will be releasing the King’s Fall hard mode a full week earlier than they had originally planned, with enterprising Guardians now eyeing a chance at a World First completion on October 23rd at 10am PST.

The weekly update also contained a small amount of information regarding Destiny‘s long-term future, promising that Nightfall rewards are going to be getting better soon. There’s even the chance that the controversial Sunbreaker class, which many players feel is over-powered, will get a nerf after Bungie collects more data on its performance over a longer period of time.

destiny taken king sunbreaker pose

Although the presence of a game-breaking bug or exploit is never ideal for a developer, it comes at a somewhat fortuitous time for Bungie. Players have already been praising the new-found balance in Iron Banner, and Shadowshot elephant in the room aside, they’ll likely be pleased to have a little extra time with the current PvP content once it is re-adjusted.

Bungie’s handling of this issue is likely strongly influenced by the negative feedback they’ve been getting of late. Gamers are evidently not a fan of the inclusion of microtransactions in Destiny, and the last thing Bungie needs is to give players even more reason to be upset with the game’s current trajectory. Re-balancing Destiny‘s ailing PvP system is a small but necessary step in the right direction.

How do you feel about players using exploits while they exist to gain an edge in PvP? Are you disappointed to have to wait for Trials of Osiris, or happy to get some balanced Iron Banner post-hot fix?

Destiny: The Taken King is available now for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.