Destiny's First Winning Raid Team Speaks About Refreshed Raids, Destiny 2

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In just a few days, Destiny's first raid, Vault of Glass (along with the subsequent two raids), will be returning in the game's Age of Triumph live event. Veteran fans are excited to jump back into the old raids for nostalgia's sake, in addition to tackling the content at current Light levels in return for updated loot, while some newer fans will be entering the raids for the first time now that the raids will be relevant again.

Game Rant spoke to three members of what could be called Destiny's original World First team—the players who were able to best the Vault of Glass before anyone else, back in 2014. That was back in the day when no one knew how raids in Destiny would work. And as they shared, after killing Atheon and sitting in the final room, they had to get personal confirmation over the phone from Bungie's community manager, DeeJ, that Atheon was indeed the last boss and that they were the first to clear what was touted as Destiny's toughest challenge.

The three members of that team who spoke with Game Rant are Justin Watts, Fraser McArthur, and Matthew Taylor, who shared their thoughts about the return of raid that made them famous and what they would like to see for the future of raids in Destiny 2.

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To sum up their reactions, they are all excited to see Vault of Glass return, but as Justin Watts smartly noted, "they never technically went away." While that's true, with the changes made to Destiny over the years, it has become easier to level up and as a result, much of the game's previous endgame content has become irrelevant in terms of gaining higher Light. And that's not even to mention how hard it can be to LFG into these older raids.

"It feels like the perfect way to send off Destiny 1," says Fraser McArthur, "going back and experiencing the same challenges we faced during Year 1." In addition, these raids will have a few fresh challenges, even for hardcore raiders like these three. That's because Bungie is promising a Director's Cut of sorts for these raids, fixing glitches and exploits as well as possible other surprises including the addition of Challenge Modes to Vault of Glass and Crota's End.

Matthew Taylor said it's a "clever" move using this last live event to bring back the raids in this way, "given that there are many people who picked up the game an expansion or two into its lifetime." Speaking of Challenge Modes, Taylor thought it would be interesting to see players unable to use the relic's cleanse mechanic while in the portals during the Atheon fight. Another popular community theory about the Atheon Challenge is defeating the boss without the use of the Time's Vengeance buff.

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As fans send off Destiny 1 with Age of Triumph, Destiny 2 is quickly cresting the horizon, even if Bungie isn't quite ready to talk about it's next game yet. Destiny 2 will surely include raids, as the PvE content has firmly ingrained itself as one of the highlights and defining factors of Destiny.

When it comes to raids in Destiny 2, Taylor hopes that they will be tougher with the Heroic Mode of the raid challenges teams even further. McArthur said he hopes "raids in Destiny 2 will tie into the story and contain more cinematics throughout," much like the format of The Taken King where the campaign led up to the final confrontation in the King's Fall raid. And Watts focused on one of the things that makes raids (and Destiny in general) engaging to its fanbase:

I'm more excited about the new social experiences and first runs of the new content. I've always come to games for the friendships and raids are just another, albeit longer and challenging medium in which to do something incredibly fun with some of my best friends.

The refreshed Vault of Glass will debut Tuesday, April 4, the second week of Age of Triumph after the event goes live March 28.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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