Destiny Players Defeat Final Raid Boss Without Firing a Shot


A group of Destiny fans defeats Aksis, the final boss of the new Wrath of the Machine raid, without firing their guns and using only grenades and melee attacks.

Destiny: Rise of Iron's raid, Wrath of the Machine, has been out for just two weeks, but fans have already found creative and challenging ways to conquer the latest of Destiny's PvE endgame activity.

The latest self-imposed challenge mode is killing Aksis, the final boss in the raid, using only melee attacks, grenades, and supers. The full fight is up on YouTube:


The run was completed with a full fireteam of Sunsinger Warlocks. They handled adds mainly with melee attacks while using a method of activating their Supers and lobbing tons of Fusion grenades at Aksis during the damage phase.

Obviously, due to the mechanics of the fight, there were some weapons fired, specifically the Scorch Cannons required to take down the Servitors that contain the SIVA Charge to make Aksis teleport. However, the cannons were only used to take down the Servitors as required and not any other enemies, nor were they fired at Aksis. None of the players fired their own equipped weapons.

The trick to being able to take down Aksis in the required number of damage phases (due to the limited number of disappearing pillars that keep players alive between teleport phases) was using the red plates scattered across the room.

rise of iron raid fireteam

The red plates go largely unused by fireteams doing a normal run of Aksis. By having an Empowered Guardian slam a red plate (instead of Aksis), the entire fireteam is granted a full Super instantly. This is how the team was able to keep up a consistent torrent of grenades on every teleport phase.

That mostly ignored mechanic is exactly what made this feat possible. Using Empowered Guardians to activate these Supers is a tactic widely unused, but it and the red plates could take on a much more significant role in Heroic Mode or Challenge Mode in the future.

Before this, the latest feat accomplished by fans in Wrath of the Machine was a group of three Guardians defeating the entire raid without dying. Part of the reason many people are able to overcome unique challenges they set up for themselves with Wrath of the Machine has a lot to do with the fact that players can overlevel for the raid, causing them to do more damage and make the boss fights somewhat easier.

As for what's officially next for the raid, Heroic Mode launches October 12th and Challenge Modes are coming at some point in the future.

For those wanting to take down Aksis the traditional way, be sure to check out our guide!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Sean Gallagher

Image via Planet Minecraft

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