Destiny Will Fix Film Grain Effect Issue Next Week

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With the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron just days away, Bungie posts an update for a number of known issues including when a fix for the film grain effect arrives.

The wait for Destiny: Rise of Iron is finally almost at an end, as players ready themselves to take the fight into the Plaguelands against a new Fallen threat. Along with a new story to play through, more exotics and gear to collect, and a new strike and raid to overcome, Rise of Iron features a wealth of content that fans should be excited about. To help players with the wait for the last expansion, Bungie released patch 2.4 which introduced a ton of changes to the game including a few new unintentional issues.

In the latest edition of its weekly newsletter, Bungie has detailed a number of known issues currently facing the game and confirmed that a fix is on the way soon. The list includes a number of minor bugs that were recently introduced within update 2.4, such as a weird visual issue that makes the screen appear to be using a lot of film grain. Updates to quest tracking problems, issues impacting revive timers, and a tweak to the volume of Lord Shaxx during Crucible matches will be deployed on September 19 within hotfix and as well.


Bungie has also made a number of updates and are actively looking into to a few of the known issues within Destiny including:

  • Clan rosters are once again available in-game.
  • Private matches are now live. Players may experience error code QUAIL if too many players attempt to join a Fireteam at the same time. Players who experience this issue, Bungie recommends attempting to join the fireteam again.
  • Destiny: The Collection upgrade is currently unavailable for certain players. Bungie is actively looking into this issue and hopes to have a resolution as soon as possible.
  • Public event rewards detailed in update 2.4 are not yet in effect. This change will happen with the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron.
  • The Consumed Ghost Shell no longer matches its icon in-game.
  • The Firefly weapon perk may still cause some players to experience game crashes in some circumstances.
  • Taken War Heroic Strikes are not currently rewarding Legendary Marks upon the first three completions of this activity.
  • The Chroma Grimoire Card is currently unavailable to new Destiny players.
  • The Warlock Exotic Helmet “The Stag” is currently unavailable from Exotic Armor Blueprint Collection.

In addition to a few nagging issues, update 2.4 has brought a few interesting upgrades to the two year old shooter. The biggest change is the introduction of private matches, enabling players to create matches with the maps, settings, and modifiers that they want. While the new exotic sidearm, Trespasser, was also added to the game early, Bungie tweaked most of the weapon classes in advance of the expansion. Exotics like Thorn and Universal Remote received a few changes, while both primary and secondary weapons were also given a few updates as well.

What do you think of all these updates prior to launch next week? Are you a fan of these changes? Let us know what you're thinking in the comments below.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches on September 20, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Bungie Weekly Update

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