Destiny: The Taken King may still be a week away, but there is plenty of new content to explore before then thanks to this week’s 2.0 patch. While players prepare for the incoming grind through the new levels available in The Taken King, upgrading gear and weaponry is obviously a major concern. Thanks to the field testing feature, Destiny players need to wrap their heads around a new kind of weapon leveling to harness the full power of some of the game’s newest firearms.

Field testing may sound a bit intimidating at first, but it’s actually a pretty straight forward, fun, and quick process. Players level up the field testable weapons by picking them up at the Gunsmith and completing a series of challenges specific to each firearm. Sounds pretty doable, right? We’ll outline the specifics (thanks to Reddit user GLHFscan) to get players through each challenge below.

Once each of the following requirements are completed, players can then return to the Gunsmith and gain an increase in reputation. At each rank, players can make an Arms Day request with the Gunsmith and he will craft a weapon for them. Once the creation is completed, each new weapon will then show up the following Arms Days (Wednesday).

Here’s the weapon by weapon breakdown of challenges…

Omonlon Test FR1 – Fusion Rifle
Objective – Get Kills In Crucible

Like most of the goals, this one is pretty straightforward. It shouldn’t take more than one to three matches to land enough kills to satisfy this goal.

Destiny Hakke Pulse Rifle

Häkke Test-A – Pulse Rifle
Objective – Make Precision Shots

This pulse rifle is awesome for fans of sniping, so naturally players will need to do some of that to level it up. Returning to any mission that features multiple waves of enemies charging in from a distance will be a great way to line up all the headshots players need to finish this quest.

Häkke Test-A – Sniper Rifle
Objective – Get Double Kills

The Destiny pros on Reddit recommend heading back to Siege of the Warmind to satisfy this goal. The goal can be completely fairly quickly after taking some shots at Thrall with the sniper rifle.

Destiny Omolon Sniper Rifle

Omolon Test RR1 – Sniper Rifle
Objective – Get Kills In Crucible

To get Crucible kills with this rail gun, players should head to Control. While opponents attempt to capture zones, players will want to snipe them out and rack up kills. Like the other Crucible goals, this one should only take a few rounds to complete.

Suros TSR-10 – Rocket Launcher
Objective – Kill High Ranking (Yellow Health) Enemies

Players will need to wipe out ten yellow-health enemies to level up this monstrosity. Players should head to Earth for a patrolling mission and just into the subway. Taking out the three Hive elites a few times should add up to ten kills fairly quickly.

The whole batch of quests can probably be completed in just a few hours, depending on how skilled players are in Crucible. Getting those kills is the biggest wild card, so players who feel weak in that area might want to save those ones for last. It wouldn’t hurt to take a few trustworthy fellow Guardians into the Crucible to watch your back either.

What do you think of the field testing feature? Have you started your quests yet? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: The Taken King is set to release on September 15, 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit