Destiny's Festival of the Lost Halloween Event is Live


The second annual Festival of the Lost event is now underway, giving Destiny players the chance to take part in Halloween-themed activities and earn seasonal rewards.

As Halloween approaches, Destiny players have been getting ready for the second Festival of the Lost. As of the reset that took place overnight, the special event is now live, bringing all manner of activities and rewards to the game for a limited time.

Anyone booting up Destiny today will see themed decorations added to the Tower, the Reef, and the Iron Temple. There's even different music playing in these social spaces to get Guardians into the festive spirit.

Players can visit Tyra Karn in the Iron Temple to assist with a special task, according to patch notes published on the Bungie website. Meanwhile, Crucible matches, Strike hoards, and the Trials of Osiris activity can all reward players with Festival of the Lost vanity items.

Emblem vendor Eva Levante is also celebrating the festival with a complete change of her stock. She'll be selling items related to the event for its duration — anyone looking to buy Emblems will have to wait a couple of weeks.

Last year, Destiny players raced to collect spooky masks during the Festival of the Lost, and the popularity of these items ensured a return this time around. Guardians can visit Levante to go trick-or-treating, earning a host of temporary masks as they go.


Players can also earn a guaranteed Legendary mask by purchasing the Treasures of the Lost item pack via Eververse. Other masks, Bad Juju ornaments, a Sparrow, Ghost shells, and various consumables are also available from the mystery bag — the Bad Juju ornaments will be added to the Radiant Treasures list once the festival is over.

Finally, last year's themed emotes — Monster Dance, Zombie Dance, and Boo — are once again available for purchase via Eververse. This year's new additions are Terrify and Howl, and they're also available right now.

The Festival of the Lost may not be a content drop on the same scale as Bungie's latest expansion, Rise of Iron, but it's certainly great fun. Its masks give players a great opportunity to dramatically customize their appearance for a couple of weeks, making collecting these items rather addictive.

It will certainly be interesting to see whether the studio can satiate the Destiny player base with events like this until the game's long-rumored sequel hits next year. It's less than a year until that release would be expected to launch — but that's still a long time for a game like this to go without wholly new content.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Festival of the Lost runs from October 25 to November 8.

Source: Bungie

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