Destiny: New Festival of the Lost Rewards and Masks Revealed


Even though Bungie has yet to confirm it, a leaked list of rewards, quests, and new masks appears on Reddit for the upcoming Festival fo the Lost event in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

It's been a busy month since Destiny: Rise of Iron first launched. Already the game has seen a revamped Iron Banner come and go, and the new Wrath of the Machine raid crowned a worlds first status to fire teams for both the normal and heroic modes. With October more than halfway over, many have begun to wonder when the previously confirmed Halloween themed Festival of the Lost would be coming. Thanks to a recent leak, guardians may finally have some answers.

While Bungie may still be mum on the subject, the folks over at Reddit have compiled a complete list of facts, quests, and rewards related to the Festival of the Lost event coming to Destiny. If the leaks are true, guardians will be able to celebrate the in-game holiday at the Tower such as last year, or the Iron Temple on Felwinter Peak. Like last year, killing enemies, either in the Crucible or normal PvE areas, will grant candy that automatically fills candy bags handed out by Eva Levante or Tyra Karn. Turn in full candy bags to get rewards such as rare masks players can wear.


This year, players will find plenty of new masks to obtain related to the new Rise of Iron content including Lord Saladin, Aksis the Archon Prime, a wolf head that's on fire, the Lost Prince of the Reef, a ghost shell, SIVA, and a Revenant. The older masks from last year have been updated as well, and new consumables can be obtained such as a Whim of Rahool, though what each item specifically does is not clear at this time. Festival of the Lost themed sparrows, shaders, Bad JuJu ornaments, ghost shells, and emotes round out the potential rewards.

See below for a full rundown of the Festival of the Lost additions:

New Masks

Old Masks that have been updated








Whenever the update arrives, players will also be able to participate in a brand new quest line, which typically involves wearing a specific mask while performing a certain task. While full quest steps are not known, leaked information reveals that players will be in charge of impressing Lord Saladin, visiting vendors for candy at the Tower, and completing specific events while wearing various masks.

While the Festival does introduce a lot of new items and gear for players to collect, Bungie has simplified the storage process somewhat so players no longer need to worry about inventory space. As revealed in the update yesterday, any masks, emblems, and shaders related to last years event now has its own kiosk in the Tower similar to what guardians use for other items such as exotic armor and weapons. Through this new holiday kiosk, players can grab any masks previously unlocked, so dismantling stored items will no longer result in the item being lost completely. Better yet, players still hanging on the paper glue can dismantle it for 1 Silver Dust.

Are you looking forward to participating in the Festival of the Lost event this year? Which mask are you looking forward to the most? Hit us up in the comment section below.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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