Destiny’s Festival of the Lost Event Dated and Detailed

Destiny's Halloween live event, Festival of the Lost, launches soon, bringing masks, emotes, shaders, and more for fans to collect for a limited time.

Last year, Destiny fans were surprised with Festival of the Lost, a holiday live event that celebrated Halloween in game. The event tasked players with collecting masks that were wearable, earned in bags of candy earned by playing just about any activity in Destiny.

Festival of the Lost is coming back, and developer Bungie says it will be bigger and better than ever. Today, a new trailer for Festival of the Lost debuted and a release date was revealed. Festival of the Lost will start Tuesday, October 25th and will run for two weeks until November 8th.


Many of the items that will be available this year have already been leaked ahead of the trailer, but the trailer shows off a number of them. The trailer promises quests and new masks, emotes, shaders, and emblems. The new ornaments for Bad Juju will also become available. There may also be some surprises in store as Bungie teases all that "and more..." will be coming with Festival of the Lost.

Festival of the Lost injects some humor into Destiny. There is a screaming Prince Uldren mask, poking fun at his appearance in the opening cinematic for The Taken King. There are Ghost shells that feature a literal ghost costume with a sheet hanging over the floating companion as well as a devil costume complete with horns and tail. There's also a mask of one the Iron Lords that serve as the final boss in Rise of Iron's last story mission. The mask even features a flaming axe stuck in the Iron Lord's head.


Also in the trailer, fans can spot masks with new visual effects. Similar to the blue flaming skull that fans chased after last year (and which ended up being only available through Bags of Candy only purchased through Eververse for actual money) it looks like this year will feature a blue flaming wolf mask. Clearly, wolves are in this Festival of the Lost due to their prominence in the Rise of Iron expansion. In fact there is also a howling emote.

Bungie has plans beyond Festival of the Lost, with Challenge Modes for the Wrath of the Machine raid coming next. This will then be followed by a winter live event that will bring back Sparrow Racing League.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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