'Destiny' Feedback Is Helping Improve 'The Dark Below' Expansion

Destiny - Guardians on Venus

Destiny has seen a few updates and improvements made to it since its launch last month, in an attempt to bring the game more in line with players' expectations and the numerous amounts of feedback (read: complaints) they've dished out. Since September, updates have been issued that remove the legendary Loot Cave, tweak weapons and loot drops, balance the Vault of Glass Raid and there's still more to come.

Moving forward, Destiny's first expansion pack, known as The Dark Below, will incorporate feedback to further aid development before it releases in December. Despite the fact that it won't introduce new planets, it will add new story missions, strikes, a new raid, and a handful of new weapons and loot. Needlesss to say, all of those things need balancing and polish in order to avoid complications in the current Destiny game.

Said Bungie community manager David “Deej” Dague on the 82nd episode of the Guardian Radio podcast, the studio has been working on the expansion for a while now, and in what has become the norm: is constantly reading and listening in on what fans have to say:

"We are the new Bungie. We’re the Bungie that shipped Destiny and that has changed us. If you look at how many times we have updated this game, you can see how many things we have learned from our game and how many things we have been willing to change about our game. We’re very deliberately taking action on how the game can be stronger, or more stable, or more diverse in the way you are all powerful."

Yesterday, Deej took to the official forums on to add on to his explanation about how fan feedback is implemented, though many members are continuing to express disappointment, while others have taken to posting the exact things they believe Bungie should be working on (some of them are pretty lengthy). Humorously, one member compared the wording of Deej's messaging to that of The Speaker, in the sense that it can be both vague and slightly unhelpful.

That said, Deej reassures that the community, as well as what they have to say, are integral to the ongoing process:

"There is a process in place to support Destiny. You, constant reader, are a part of that process. Your voice is, by my proxy, a part of the conversation - even when it makes the meeting to which I've been invited a little contentious. I do not post in every thread that appears on this forum because I don't assume you'll settle for being placated with a stock "We hear you!" every time one of you has a good idea. The promise I can make is that I am working with the developers to make sure that they understand how you feel as they go about making their decisions."

In hindsight, it does sound a bit Speaker-y. But while a lot of the responses are either offering their own feedback to the mix or some form of disapproval, there are still those that appreciate Bungie's continued responses and open conversations about Destiny. In a way, it's very similar to how Microsoft is updating the Xbox One and involving console owners through the beta program. As we've said before, addressing feedback has become the standard.

Destiny: The Dark Below has yet to receive a definitive release date, but it's still expected to release in December. Later in 2015, a second DLC expansion, House of Wolves, will be released and add even more content for people to dive into. Hope you guys aren't tired of Destiny updates yet.

Sources: VG247, Bungie

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