Destiny February Update Will Include More Than Crimson Days Event


Developer Bungie promises that the February Update for its sci-fi shooter, Destiny, will contain more than just the previously announced Crimson Days event.

With the current state of Destiny being in what most die-hard fans of the action-MMO would call a “content drought”, a lot of would-be Guardians are undoubtedly waiting for the update in February to provide them with a good enough reason to pick up their controllers for some more sci-fi action. Bungie has promised to include the forthcoming Crimson Days event, and with the studio knowing its fans have already even been critical of the content, developers are now pledging to deliver more in the February Update than that alone.

During the most recent of Bungie's Weekly Updates for Destiny, Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague addressed the new materials' inclusion, writing, “The February Update includes more than Crimson Days. There are more bullets we’ll be firing to impact the quality of your Guardian lifestyle. Pay us a visit next week for a preview.” Of course, there's not even a hint at what else will be added at this point in time, so folks are left unknowingly scratching their heads.

After recent months' lack of communication with its community – the stealth implementation of skill-based matchmaking immediately comes to mind – fans are undoubtedly leery as to what Bungie is planning next. In fact, it really makes no sense for the studio to keep players in the dark as to exactly what all of the February Update will include, as the lack of information not only further agitates fans for being strung along again, but it also projects the notion of Bungie being unsure of itself.


Other studios with multiplayer-driven titles have given its fans an idea of what's to come, such as Star Wars Battlefront's January Update providing a road map of 2016 and beyond, so why is the Destiny developer so hesitant to completely divulge its objectives for the game? If anything, Bungie needs to discuss its Year 2 plan in full, or else it risks losing more fans each day.

Of course, the studio's attempting to make up for some of its past failures by addressing lag issues and providing a much-needed matchmaking fix, which is admirable, but it's imperative that Bungie remains consistent and open throughout the rest of the year. Hopefully next week's preview of what else is to be included in the February Update will help build a stronger bridge of trust between itself and fans.

What do you think about Bungie's promises to include more than just the Crimson Days event in Destiny's February Update? What else are you hoping to see other than the new PvP mode known as Crimson Doubles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Destiny, along with its most recent release, The Taken King, is out now and available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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