Destiny fans have found a new method of farming high-level loot that’s fast and easy. Find out how to maximize time and start raising your Light level.

The Destiny April Update came out this week, raising the Light level and giving players a lot of new ways to earn weapons and armor. Fortunately for fans, it hasn’t taken long for Destiny users to discover the most efficient way to gear up and bolster their Light levels.

The method has to do with the new Challenge of the Elders mode. While players can complete a Elders’ Sigil scorecard (check out Game Rant’s guide on how to do it in two runs) once per week to get a high-level weapon and armor drop, the mode can still be played endlessly for engrams, drops, and reputation.

Destiny YouTuber MesaSean explains that clearing Challenge of Elders again and again is an effective loot farming method:

At this point in the week, when most Destiny fans have completed their Elders’ Sigil scorecard, many are now just running Challenge of the Elders again and again. It’s especially easy this week because of the damage modifier is Small Arms, which greatly increases the amount of damage done by Primary Weapons.

By focusing on damaging the bosses and killing them as fast as possible, many fireteams are clearing the Challenge of the Elders is five minutes or less. Each clear has a chance to drop Legendary engrams, which usually drop loot at a higher level than players’ current Light levels and aid in the steady progression to the new level cap.

Destiny Consumed Ghost Shell

It also has a chance to drop the new Consumed Ghost Shell, Prison of Elders class items, and the Exotic Prison of Elders weapons — Lord of Wolves, Dreg’s Promise, and Queenbreaker’s Bow — newly refreshed at Year 2 power levels.

As a heads up, this is the perfect place to use Three of Coins, as using them gives each boss a chance to drop an Exotic engram. Many fans are reporting that using Three of Coins is paying off.

In addition, each time Challenge of the Elders is beaten, players are awarded 200 points of House of Judgement reputation. At every rank up, Variks will provide a reward package that can drop gear up to 335 Light. That means every 15 runs can provide a package. This reputation gain can be sped up by using the House of Judgement reputation boost item that players can receive from Sterling Treasure.

The Destiny community is pretty good at finding the most efficient way to loot, and this currently appears to be it. There are a lot of changes in the April Update that increases the avenues to more gear, but at least for this week, this is the way to go about it.

Have you used this method of loot farming in Destiny since the April Update? Let us know in the comments below!