Destiny Guide: How to Farm Exotics Fast


Here's the fastest way to farm exotics in Destiny: Rise of Iron, which can help you nab any elusive exotics you may need or serve as a source to level up quickly.

Destiny has always been about getting the best gear and leveling up as high as possible. A major part of that grind is the acquisition of exotics, the highest tier weapon and armor in the game. While some exotics in Rise of Iron, like the Year 3 version of Gjallarhorn, are earned through the quest system, there are still plenty of new exotics that are awarded by random drop or by decrypting exotic engrams.

Destiny fans are notorious for finding any places in the game that can dish out high level loot with the smallest amount of time required. One of those places has been found in Rise of Iron's last story mission, The Iron Tomb, and it's effectively the best area to farm exotic engrams. The only limit is how many Three of Coins a player has in his or her inventory.

Farming The Iron Tomb Mission

Load into The Iron Tomb, which is the last story mission in Rise of Iron's campaign. There are two bosses in this mission. Use a Three of Coins before the first boss and then use another Three of Coins before taking on the second boss and then again for the third boss. Immediately after taking out the third boss, wipe and repeat the process. Dying will go back to the checkpoint just before the first boss so they can all be killed and farmed for exotic drops with Three of Coins over and over again.

There are plenty of other areas in Destiny where bosses can be killed and then players can wipe to repeat the process, but this mission is effective because there are three bosses to kill in short succession, as well as the presence of the axe weapon that can be picked up and utilized to take down the bosses very quickly.

Reddit user xMetalPenguinx, who posted this method said that using this method yielded 15 Exotic Engrams from 60 Three of Coins. That's a 25% drop rate, and xMetalPenguinx says that it only took 35 minutes to do.

Three of Coins is essential for this method to work. Three of Coins was an item added to the game in The Taken King to make Destiny more rewarding, giving players another avenue to earning exotics. Be sure to pick up Three of Coins with any spare Strange Coins from Xur before he departs on Sunday morning at 2 a.m. Pacific.

Exotics are not only some of the strongest armor and weapons in the game, but engrams can decrypt up to the 385 Light level cap. That means even if the exotic is a repeat item or something unwanted, it can still be used to continue leveling up in Light.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Reddit

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