Destiny 2 debuted a new live event today called Faction Rallies. Like Destiny 1, players can now choose a faction to align with to earn gear specific from that faction. However, unlike the first game, Faction Rallies reward gear through token redemption like most of the vendors in the game. On top of that, every player is competing to see which one of the three factions will come out on top.

There are multiple activities in Destiny 2 that players can undertake in order to earn Faction Tokens, which is the currency that players will want to focus on collecting. This guide will explain how many tokens players will get from each activity, plus recommend the most lucrative methods to gain loot and rack up tokens that go towards their faction winning the Faction Rallies.

Activities That Give Faction Tokens

  • Public Event: 4 tokens
  • Heroic Public Event: 8 tokens
  • Enemy Caches in Lost Sectors: 2-6 tokens
  • Strikes: 5 tokens
  • Nightfall Strike: 5 tokens
  • Crucible match: 5 tokens
  • Spire events: 1 token per spire secured
  • Leviathan raid: awarded at each encounter, 16 total

New to Faction Rallies are a twist on Lost Sectors. Now, within Lost Sectors players will come across enemy supply caches. They are marked with an objective icon above them, and shooting these caches will cause them to explode (also damaging any enemy or player close to them) and award one Faction Token. The number of supply caches in each Lost Sector varies, from two to six.

destiny 2 faction rally enemy cache

Also new are the spire events. These are randomly spawning events in the open world of a destination. There are three spires that need to be secured, but they are guarded by enemies that will continue to appear in waves during the capturing process. Each spire captured awards one Faction Token.

Earning Faction Gear

Players can turn in 20 Faction Tokens to get a Faction engram. Gear is specific to each faction, including unique weapons only available from each faction. Players can only pledge to one faction per character, so unless you have three characters, make sure to choose wisely.

At the end of the week, whichever faction has earned the most tokens will offer a special weapon. That weapon will cost just 1,000 Glimmer to anyone aligned with that faction, while it will cost 50,000 Glimmer for everyone else.

The Best Way to Earn Tokens

What seems to be an ongoing theme in Destiny 2, Heroic Public Events are once again the most lucrative way to earn tokens (and additional gear) when it comes to activities. Public events spawn regularly on each destination, and they are marked on the Director, so it’s easy to jump from event to event.

The good news is that unless players are really looking to grind for tokens, most of the activities in Destiny 2 will award tokens. And for those who really want to grind, there is a certain way to repeat a Lost Sector very quickly in order to earn a lot of Faction Tokens in a short time.

One Extra Word of Advice

While it’s totally possible to find ways to maximize Faction tokens, the event will be live for this entire week, ending at the next weekly reset on October 3 at 2 a.m. PDT, so there isn’t too much of a reason to go crazy. This is a small live event that will be active in Destiny 2 for the next week, but presumably the factions will stick around even after the event has ended.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.