Bungie is scheduled to reveal the ‘next adventure’ in Destiny to fans on Thursday, June 9, including a teaser and a more in-depth discussion with the developers.

Save the date, because “This Week At Bungie” has scheduled a livestream for June 9 which every Destiny player will want to make time for. Bungie describes their June 9 reveal as the unveiling of a “new adventure,” a “glimpse at what awaits you later this year,” or in more straight forward terms the announcement of Destiny‘s next (and final) premium expansion. Well sourced reporting and rumors claim the expansion will be titled Rise of Iron, but maybe Bungie has a surprise in store.

Slated to begin on Thursday, June 9 at 10:00 a.m. PT, here’s what Bungie has to say regarding the reveal livestream:

“This week at Bungie we’re preparing to reveal your next adventure. You’re invited to learn all about the next threat that you’ll confront as Guardians. Save the date. Follow our channel. This will be your first glimpse at what awaits you later on this year, followed by a deeper dive with the development team.”

What it sounds like, especially considering Bungie’s modus operandi, is a short teaser trailer or cinematic reveal trailer followed by a developer roundtable for Q&A and general discussion. It’s highly likely that gameplay and in-game action will not be shown, reserved instead for E3 audiences during Sony’s PlayStation keynote. That’s where Bungie has done its largest reveals in past years.

Destiny Reveal 'Next Adventure' on June 9 - Rise of Iron

The great hope is that Bungie gives fans a closer look at Destiny‘s Iron Banner vendor Lord Saladin, if that’s who it really is, carrying his two-handed flaming axe which has been shown in leaked Rise of Iron promotional material. Exactly how Rise of Iron would tie back into Destiny and Iron Banner is not yet clear, so every detail coming out of Bungie during the livestream will be exciting and new. Content-wise, all that’s been leaked is that the expansion will feature a raid based around “Fallen with a twist.”

Considering The Taken King, Destiny‘s most recent expansion release, released in September of last year, fans are chomping at the bit for content. Yet with Destiny 2 potentially rebooted and delayed into 2017, Bungie’s had to ration what post-Taken King content they had left. If Rise of Iron ends up being a September release, perhaps Bungie will reveal more free content to be released between now and then to help with the wait. Or perhaps the interim is being given up on in the hope that Rise of Iron will bring players back and hold onto them up until Destiny 2.

For now, however, Bungie’s plans are entirely focused on Thursday, June 9’s reveal of Destiny‘s next expansion and the follow-up showcase at E3. Destiny, along with its two currently released expansions, is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Expansion three is planned for release later this year.

Source: Bungie