'Destiny: The Dark Below' Expansion Detailed & Dated

Destiny Dark Below Release Date

Although plenty of gamers are still getting their fill of Vanilla Destiny in search of the powerful Vex Mythoclast or that last piece of Raid gear, many have begun to ask what's next. We know that Bungie plans to release more content for Destiny in the form of two expansions, and today they have further detailed the first of them.

The Dark Below was previously revealed as the first expansion for Destiny slated for release in December. Now we know that the expansion will officially hit digital store shelves on December 9th and will include some new story content. More importantly, The Dark Below will give high-level players even more content to consume and more accomplishments to pursue.

Bungie says that the new story missions for The Dark Below will center on the character of Crota, the Hive god. Some might remember Crota as the focal point of the mission wherein players wield Crota's Sword.

Destiny The Dark Below Expanion Cover Art

Those story missions will manifest through the new questgiver Eris, who will appear in the Tower starting on December 9th. It's unclear how many story missions Eris will have available at this time, though.

In addition to the new story content, The Dark Below will also introduce one new Strike, called The Will of Crota, and one new Raid, called Crota's End. On top of that, PlayStation owners will get an exclusive second Strike called The Undying Mind.

Destiny Sword of Crota

Bungie also says the light level cap will raise from 30 to 32, but there was no word on whether a third subclass will be added to each Guardian class. We expect news of that might come the closer we get to December.

And finally, for those Crucible fans out there, The Dark Below will also include three new multiplayer maps. They are:

  • Pantheon – a map focused on tight corridors set in the Black Garden
  • Skyshock – uses an old array as its focal point
  • The Cauldron – a Hive ritual site

If any or all of that sounds exciting to you, The Dark Below will be available either as part of the Destiny Expansion Pass for $34.99 or as a standalone offering for $19.99. In other words, if you're as deep into Destiny as I am you might as well get the Pass and save a little extra money.

Obviously, not all of these expansion details are surprising given what gamers have already discovered within Destiny's code. It's actually quite underwhelming that there isn't more to the expansion…or to the base game for that matter. Still it's new content and that's something to get excited about.

What do you think of The Dark Below's selection? Which element are you most eager to check out?

Destiny: The Dark Below releases December 9, 2014 for PS4 and Xbox One at a price of $19.99.


Source: IGN

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