'Destiny' Expansion Pass Holders Get Free Sparrow

Destiny EV 30 Tumbler

It's been a big week for Destiny players what with the launch of update 1.0.3 (the game's most substantial, and game-changing yet) and the relaunch of Iron Banner, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Bungie is preparing gamers for the official debut of The Dark Below, their first DLC expansion for Destiny, and doing so with what appears to be a steady stream of new content.

Before getting to that expansion, however, Bungie is rewarding players with a few new items along the way. The aforementioned Iron Banner relaunch includes new gear and weapon for players to earn, and just today the developer gave a special gift to Expansion Pass owners.

Those who have committed to Bungie's post-launch plans for Destiny – i.e. they paid for the $30 Expansion Pass – have been gifted a unique sparrow called the EV-30 Tumbler. The Sparrow is a legendary class vehicle with a unique barrel roll ability and can be found at the Postmaster in the Tower.

The Sparrow itself is far from subtle in its design, boasting a blue and red color scheme with giant flames across its nose. In fact, the Sparrow shares a lot in common with Optimus Prime's design from Michael Bay's Transformers movies.

Destiny Mythbusters Video

Some may remember that there were rumors of a Sparrow with this roll capability (called destabilizers) back during Halloween, but no such vehicles were found. It sounds to us like someone caught wind of the Tumbler and created an elaborate rumor.

Whatever the case, those who have or will purchase the Expansion Pass now have a little something extra for their trouble. With a 100 rating, the vehicle is going to be a little faster and more durable than the average Sparrow, even if it doesn't beat the Vault of Glass' Timebreaker.

Of course, with this paid gift will come heated debates over whether Bungie should have offered the Sparrow for free. As it stands, Destiny is fairly limited in terms of its content, and where Bungie purports to offer new free content, they are actually just re-purposing old missions. Case in point: the Queen's Wrath event.

What do you think of the EV-30 Tumbler? Should this Sparrow be free to all Destiny players?


Source: Bungie

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